Forget about sympathy votes and tell us how president Atta-Mills died (2)


Forget about sympathy votes and tell us how president Atta-Mills died (2)

Following the demise of the president Atta-Mills, apologists of NDC went into full swing to actually equate his achievements and leadership quality to that of Ghana?s founding leader Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. I listened to a noise-making charlatan Kwesi Pratt on 9/8/12 edition of viasat-1 morning programme and I simply couldn?t believe both my ears and eyes. To him, the late Atta-Mills did what hasn?t been done before the days of Kwame Nkrumah, by way of developmental projects. And his solid point of reference were distribution of free school uniforms, lap-tops, bore-holes etc., but this kind of pronouncements are what motivate others with divergent opinions to also explode with swift counter claims.

A nation that is learning democratic governance from those that have practiced this system for over a period of three hundred years, as in the case of America, the wise thing for as to have done was to have delved very deep into circumstances surrounding the unfortunate demise of president Atta-Mills. This is because, in any of these advanced democracies, the procedure has always been that when famous personalities like film actors, musicians, politicians and so are involved in an accident or sudden death outside the remit of professional healthcare givers, a mandatory coroner inquest is instituted. And in the case where someone famous is admitted to a medical facility as a result of an accident or sudden illness, periodic updates are given by the authorities in-charge of the facility.

A case in point was a recent shooting of an American congress woman by a gunman in Arizona. Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords, 40, was shot at close range during a public meeting in Tucson on 8th January 2011.From the moment Mrs. Gifford was rushed to hospital, periodic updates were given by doctors working on her, the condition in which she was at time she was sent in and what has been done to stabilize her. Point by point account on how she was responding to treatment and her chances of surviving her injuries were.

In the case of Michael Jackson for example, he died in the hands of his personal physician but because the circumstances surrounding his death was not clear and also the incident taking place at home, a coroner?s inquest was instituted and the doctor was charged and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Whitney Houston recently died in a bath of her private hotel in Hollywood and because she happened to be alone at the point of death, an inquest was instituted and the post-mortem result was made known.


Is Ghana still the black star of Africa???????????

Now, we in Ghana pride ourselves with the tag of being torch-bearers on the African continent in the area of democratic governance. All examples by political office holders are made with America and Britain as reference points. When you hear our parliamentarians talking about remuneration, they will be quoting salaries of American congressmen/women. In the area of tools to carry out their work effectively, an hourly wage of an American congress people swiftly drops from their gargantuan lips. But if an American president had died under the circumstance of what happened in the case of the late president Atta-Mills, there is absolutely no way the family would have been brought into the picture as to whether an inquest was needed or not.

The final hours president Atta-Mills spent on earth is now shrouded in top secrecy as all sorts of stories are being narrated by people. There is information that the late president was actually driven to the 37-military hospital at the back of a land-cruiser vehicle with two people who had absolutely no knowledge in emergency health or even where to send a particular patient in a medical facility. His aide-camp, who is supposed to be with him at all times, was nowhere to be found at that critical moment.

In normal practice, before a person of the status of president of a nation is sent to a hospital, an advance is supposed to be sent to prepare a suitable place and make sure the place is well-secured. This is something that so fundamental and must be put in place even at very short notice in the case of sudden illness. This wasn?t done for president Atta-Mills and when the Ghanaian taxpayer asks questions, he/she is told by heartless government officials to go and jump into the sea because the family is not asking questions. But what these government officials forget is the fact that how a president of a nation die has absolutely nothing to do with his immediate family but everything to do with the ordinary taxpayer.

Atta-mills had murderous handlers

Now, I watched the display of police dispatch riders on the day president Atta-Mills? casket was being conveyed to independence square and I really wondered how people could be that wicked. This was a dead body of a president being given a presidential treatment by way of a multitude of dispatch riders skillfully displaying their riding prowess, when this very same president was thrown into the back of a land-cruiser vehicle and driven through Accra?s heavy vehicular traffic and kept in the car at the 37-military hospital car park for close to 30minute before the right place to send him could be determined.

When the late president Atta-Mills was being abused by his handlers by way of forcing him to skip and hop on airport tarmacs across the globe when it was visible evident the man wasn?t in the best of shape, I made a prediction that these handlers were going to switch their allegiance to whoever will succeed him, on the very day the man dropped dead.

My reason for making that prediction was premised on the fact that these people who held the man hostage and even refused his wife access to him, were doing so for the simple reason that his continued stay on the presidential throne was their sure bet to state coffers so they could continue with their gargantuan loot.Effectively,these greedy pigs never had a shred of love for the late president but rather used him as a conduit to steal because he could not control what was going on around him at the seat of government due to ill-health

And in the light of such a wicked display of total abandonment of the late president Atta-Mills by these murderous greedy bastrds,they are shamelessly going about talking about enhancement of NDC chances of winning the upcoming December elections as a result of ?sympathy votes? following Atta-Mills? demise.Now,if NDC is banking the hope of victory in the December elections on sympathy votes of Atta-Mills demise which all pointers indicate that they facilitated themselves, then they must better revise their notes because some of us are going to take it upon ourselves to explain to the ordinary Ghanaian, how the late president Atta-Mills was abandoned to die alone.

Indeed, president Atta-Mills was driven, alone, in the back of a land-cruiser vehicle through Accra?s heavy vehicular traffic jam and packed at 37-military hospital. However, the casket containing his mortal remains was accompanied by his aide-camp who had been missing since the president’s demise, over 100 police dispatch/horse riders and thousands of fully armed military personnel. Indeed, the almighty God will never allow this level of crass wickedness and matchless repugnant hypocrisy to go unpunished.

During OK-FM morning programme on 13/8/12, the Queen mother of Ekumfi Otuam, hometown of Ghana’s late President Mills, Nana Ama Ntwi III, has lashed out at government describing as an ?insult? government?s donation to the family towards the organization of the funeral of the late President. Nana Ama Ntwi revealed that government presented a total of GH? 5000 (fifty million old cedis), 50 yards of cloth and a few cartons of drinks to be shared among the family and Otuam Traditional Council.

The question then is; what did the funeral committee do with all the massive amount of donations, both in cash and kind that were made to them? Indeed, even in time of mourning, these NDC hyenas will not put aside their unprecedented urge to steal just to satisfy their greed.

Consequently, those who really deserve the sympathy of Ghanaians as a result of president Atta-Mills’ demise are his wife and close family but not these greedy bastards who fast-tracked the man’s death. Consequently, nobody can talk of sympathy votes during the upcoming December 7th elections since none of these family members of the late president Atta-Mills is on the NDC presidential ticket


Source: Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei???????????????????????


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