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Formal Launch of The New African Charter


When the President of the Republic of Guinea, His Excellency Mamady Dumbuya addressed the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, on 23rd September, 2023 he intimated the world body about the New Africa that has emerged in Africa. Little did members of the UNGA understand what really the Guinean leader was saying.

For the oppressive leaders in Africa, they pretend to not understand the message of President Dumbuya. Some of them have even dismissed the Guinean leader’s message as another attempt to justify the recent actions of the military in Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Gabon.

What those France-imposed puppet African leaders have pretended not to understand in President Dumbuya’s message is that the Guinean leader has spelt it clear in his UNGA’s message that their action is part of their responsibilities to save their countries and peoples from further destruction and devastation at the hands of sit-tight dictators, corrupt politicians, and disastrous leadership. But for the poor, impoverished, down trodden and poverty-stricken African masses, their understand of the message of the Guinean leader is that Africa needs new architects, new builders and new direction to save the continent from sliding into the path of perpetual servitude.

Besides, President Dumbuya has defined the New Africa as not pro or anti-American; not pro or anti-West; not pro or anti-Russia; and not pro or anti-China. The New Africa as explained by the Guinean leader is purely pro-African. The language of the Guinean leader is understood by robbed African masses and he is seen today as the Daniel in the Holy Bible who has come to do justice to Africa.

We want to make clear that our understanding of the message of the Guinean leader to the UNGA is that the old Africa now belongs to the dustbin of history; and that it’s now time for Africa to be the architect of its own unity, peace, stability, security, development, progress and future direction. It is obvious that those puppet African leaders and their foreign political godfathers would not agree with the vision of President Mamady Dumbuya, but would instead bid the manipulative mechanism of foreign powers to destroy the progress of Africa. This is because those leaders have in their hands so many blood of progressive African leaders in their hands and refrigerators. The best we can say about those puppet African leaders is that they are a bunch of sell-outs and big traitors to the conscience of their own people.

As Africans, who believe and share the vision of the Guinean leader, hereby wish to officially launch today, November 27, 2023 the New African Charter (NAC) project, for peace, good governance, respect of human rights and civil liberties, the rule of law, equality, justice, freedom and dignity of all Africans, both living on the continent as well as those living abroad. The New African is a pro African Movement that stands in solidarity with Africa and Africans everywhere.

Africa must live!

Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh
Co-founder and President
The Sahel Solidarity Campaign Network

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