Cheikh Tidiane Gadio

There is corruption in many countries in Africa, but it pales by comparison to that done in every sphere of the United States of America and elsewhere. Until now, the media, NGOs and institutions in the West have had a leeway in reporting about corruption in Africa, but it has reached a height of vulgar hypocrisy that it is as if the most depraved persons in the world have begun to consider themselves as more than holy people.

This vulgar hypocrisy underpins US policies for Africa. Until African officials read various memoranda and current official doctrine of the US government, which states emphatically that “China’s investments in Africa are a menace to US interests”, they will be confused as to the undertakings used to control them. In order to understand some events as they develop these days, Africans through all media in Africa must seriously take heed of the warning by the late African-American activist Dick Gregory, who stated “that the US government is made of thugs (gangsters) who will make the Gestapo of Hitler’s Nazi Germany look like choir boys”.

The story of bribe leading to the detention of Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Gadio, the former foreign affairs minister of Senegal by the US government is as grotesque as the allegations made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

It is true that public opinion in Africa never knew of the history of the FBI and how this agency undermined the civil rights of Blacks in a country which professes human rights on all roofs while it framed innocent persons of African descents who were detained on false charges and left them in jails until their death. Many Black leaders and activists were assassinated by this same agency while its auxiliaries in the white race hate groups did make a great number of African-Americans simply disappear. This was true for a few decades ago and true today.

This is the same racist organization which seeks to indict Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Gadio on some flimsy charges as if corruption was the hallmark of only Africans. Here, we are at the paroxysm of arrogance by Whites and we are witnessing how depraved people and their decadent institutions can carry a propaganda while committing the most heinous crimes across the world. We will revert later to some crimes and atrocities done in Africa by the US government until this day.

If US Presidents, officials and sometime citizens can create foundations from the most obscure sources of money, why can Africans do so openly? If the Panama Papers are any indication of the scourge of corruption in the West and the Paradise papers are the patent proof of how sullied and morally bankrupt are US Citizens and their government officials, then we, Africans, must begin to retort to insults and calumny.

So, given China’s surplus of US Dollar reserves and the imposition of the US currency for international commerce on other countries, why will a consultancy fee to legally established consultants or an open donation to a government officer’s foundation be tantamount to corruption? It is time to investigate US companies across Africa too. Better yet, governments in Africa must begin to consider to leave now and forever the US Dollar as an international currency.

A wire from a bank in Hong Kong through a US bank supposes that it is an order from a legal US Dollar account holder. This is not money laundering. Hence, a transfer to any correspondent of the bank around the world of a consultant’s fee is not money laundering. Furthermore, what is a “lucrative business advantage” as charged in the affidavit against Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Gadio other than a euphemism of “competitive business advantage”; the latter terms US attorneys will never use since it will nullify their argument that there are seeking to protect free market competition? Here, the use of “domestic concern” is purely a deception to conceal the fallacy of US government attorneys lacking proper legal argument.

The business decisions of a party to a proposal or contract, one way or another, are the basis of all commerce and it is dishonest to pretend that the factors as incentives, personal contacts or affinity should be overlooked. The presumption of corruption is preposterous and refutable because such ritual has always been standard even with US companies in Africa just as in the USA. The US government cannot pretend that its interests supersedes those of other parties and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act cannot serve as a Damocles sword on parties reneging the proposals of noncompetitive US firms.

The US government thinks it is on its turf in Africa. Behold, African Presidents and Head of Governments must quickly curtail the activities of AFRICOM and the so-called war on terrorism, which has transferred US genocidal wars on the continent the same way US policies promoted the military squads of the organization of South American States not long ago or some decades before, those cold war upheavals in Eastern Asia countries. We need not dwell, but underline the contribution of the US government to the inferno in the Middle-East.

Maybe, it is the time to advocate as a permanent solution the closing down of US embassies and representations on the African soil because it is only a matter of time before current and sitting African presidents or heads of governments are kidnapped for any reason as is Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Gadio.

Meanwhile, it is known that there is a manhunt of Sudanese President Omar El Bechir for so-called crimes of war and crimes against humanity by the same countries of the West which have not signed the Rome conventionm so as not to be under the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice for the crimes they commit around the world.

Those Africans who doubt such scenario must remember the abduction of Panama’s President, Manuel Noriega and the fate of the latter until his death.

We, Africans, have left to scums of the earth to denigrate the image of Africans. It is what someone termed poverty porn. There has been a constant projection in the US of poverty in Africa such that the unscrupulous presenting themselves as philanthropists including several thousand missionaries who became millionaires on blood-diamond from countries at war on the African continent. But then and speaking metaphorically, leeches do not suck on dry bones and so, Africans were never poor. They are impoverished and the insidious designers of such impoverishment are within the US government.

Why should the US government think that it deserves any more rights than other nations to interact with Africans? Where were the thousands of US oil magnates doing while two chipmunks chipped away these little contracts in Chad and Uganda? The tantrum of the US government is just the sign of a weak bully. Nothing more. It implies that there are able consultants from and in Africa just as any other part of the world.

As stated before what has the US government done in Africa for the past five decades? Well, let us enumerate these crimes so that the so-called Justice Department investigates criminals in the US governments before anything else. We suggest that the US Congress investigates US corporations and institutions in Africa. But again, given the number of files of obvious crimes shoved into the archives of the US Congress without result because several lobbyists (another term used to conceal their corruption) have funded the campaigns of these congressmen, this effort may be futile.

Let us give the readers an idea of the crimes (not in the chronological order) of the US government in Africa for some time now. This is by no means as exhaustive as the long list which includes other “operations” of subversion, destruction and population decimation too numerous for this article.

Remember the open US support of rebel Savimbi in Angola which caused the death of almost 7 million persons in the more than a decade civil war. Remember Somalia, and the US instigated overthrow of government and the loss of almost 3 million souls since. Remember the US-led UN incursion in the Congo(Zaire), the assassination of its first head of government Patrice Lumumba by US government operatives and the subsequent civil war that erupted to cause the death of more than 5 million persons as US firms and companies, directly or indirectly, extract the various minerals for US industries.

After a short period of cease-fire and no longer than the time it took for rebel leader Laurent Kabila to take Kinshasa the Capital, US operatives orchestrated his assassination and since the republic of Congo is plunged in a raging civil war with the number of dead too numerous to be accounted for. It has been a systematic decimation of the population under the US watch to include military biological weapons such as the Cholera, Ebola epidemics (among others) with germs straight from US military laboratories. Remember the small country Rwanda and the US injunction to let more than a million people die in a preventable war. Remember the war in Liberia channeled by the US military and which crossed-over to neighboring Sierra Leone to cause the death of almost one million and half Souls. Remember the Biafra war in Nigeria where 10 million people were left to die as the US government and its allies battled its adversaries through proxies to control the oil and other mineral resources of the country.

Remember the US government overthrow of Ghana’s first president Kwame Nkrumah and the pathetic character assassination of this patriotic and brilliant leader by the CIA. How can one forget the death of thousands more in the succession of coups d’État or palace coups thereafter? Remember the assassinations of Mozambique revolutionary leader Samora Machel with the collaboration of the US government. Remember the suspicious and untimely death of Sekou Toure of Guinea-Conakry while on a forced medical transfer to US by the Saudis. While each assassination of the African presidents and head of governments has always proceeded with the collateral death of several persons sometimes as much as hundred of “henchmen”, these numbers have never been tallied correctly. And we must not forget the displacement of millions across the continent. Remember the assassination of our esteemed leader John Garang of Sudan culminating the death of 4 million innocent people and the unending wars, despite the breakup of the country into two while US oil interests have perturbed the peaceful transition even in the South.

There has been a much more insidious campaign of the US government at an economic level whereas her agencies such as the World Bank and sundry members of the financial cartel which through policies and the mechanisms established bleed entire African nations to poverty and misery. The tens of millions who die of curable diseases because impoverished in economically strapped countries are a result of programmed annihilation of the African population. The several millions of children who die before the age of 5 years are a systematic depopulation programming. All the while US non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and their cohort of advisers traveled across the continent to incite an infanticide of million more children under the so-called programs of “family planning or planned parenthood.”

The hands that gives is as corrupt as the hands that takes. Many African officials are corrupted by the same executives of US companies who are frivolous with their “special budgets” just to gain markets at any cost and these funds are deposited in US Banks and financial markets.

We are certain, that China’s Xi Jinping whose entire popularity and power is to weed out corruption will be the first to handle his corrupt countrymen.

Meanwhile, we deplore that the US government is being hypocritical by the sheer fact that in the affidavit presented by the special FBI agent, Africans too have complained of “aggressive American businessmen.”

The affidavit is laced with many incongruities typical of fictions concocted by persons less scrupulous of truth. For example: in the narrative of the purported “Uganda Scheme”, the FBI agent must not be unaware that Uganda is a country with English as an official language and there could never be a“chef de cabinet.” But then, when the train of lies started, it could not but lead to the only outcome sought by the US “justice department”. The irony is that the collection of fables may be presented as factual and lo, as it has always been with the FBI, innocent persons could turn guilty as magistrates are inclined to believe “collected proofs.”

On a related note, Africans must realize, contrary to the propaganda, that the judiciary in the US is not a separate power but part of the government. There is no separation of power or independence and there will never be one.

Let us just remember that influence peddling is also common in the USA and there are far more lobbyists and consultants breaking the US laws in the USA than there will ever be from the whole of Africa. It is grotesque to think that African heads of States who control everything and who are until now almost life-long presidents with the entire destiny of the countries in their hands that such gifts as 2 million Dollars will turn their head around.

The USA has just lost its magnanimity and must compete in the free market world she imposed on others. We cannot fathom for a minute that her savvy businessmen from great business schools have become midgets before the Africans they have always considered as backward.

Now, unless ultimately postponed, the eyes of Africans should be riveted to the trial of Dr Cheikh Tidiane Gadio set on December 18, 2017, in New York. The defendant was denied his right of liberty and Africans must understand what it implies.

African Presidents and government officials as well as executives must follow the proceedings because it sets the tone for future prosecution of all persons considered unfriendly to US government interests. Africans must reckon the assumption, as absurd as it may seem, that even activities among Africans in Africa where they should have the sole prerogative to act, could lead to prosecution in the USA under a discretionary, if not aleatory interpretation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

We call upon the courts in the US to liberate Dr Cheikh Tidiane Gadio now.

By Jacques Sotero Agboton

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  1. If you make yourself bananas. then monkeys would eat you. Africas leaders
    and government are the laughing stock of the world thats why america can toy around with africa. america is only 300
    yrs old. and africa is been there for more than 120000 yrs. yet america claims africa is its 51st state its foot stool to control. why cant african countries cut relations with izreal? izreal khazars control america. thats but the starting point. let Africa funds AU.and stop accepting payment from EU AND USA. without these immediate changes. you re throwing but water on a ducks back. Africa is doomed. There are very many talented skillled Africans to build African institutions but these old expited slave mentality africsn leaders have totally brought this great land to its knees.


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