Former Australian PM calls for abolishing state borders


Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke has called for the nation to “think big” and do away with its state borders, describing them as not progressive and putting a halt on national development.

In comments published in local media this week, Hawke – who led the country from 1983 to 1991 – said the borders serve no purpose but to further break up the power in the nation, and that by abolishing the state borders, Australia could progress as one nation and not eight states and territories.

“What we have today – as I have said before – basically represents the meanderings of British explorers across the Australian continent more than 200 years ago,” Hawke said in comments published in Thursday’s newspapers.

“They wandered around and lines were drawn on a map and jurisdiction and governance followed.”

“So you have 13 parliaments (including senates) dealing with much the same issues and I believe that the simple fact is the states should be abolished.”

Some states and territories are home to fewer than one million people, and Hawke said there was simply no need to have a separate state or territory government for such a small number of people.

He added that while there is some support for his view, many colleagues are against the change, something Hawke said was mystifying.

“I raised that with my own colleagues and, would you believe it, they are not overly keen on it,” he said.

“So many comfortable seats to put bums on in parliaments all over this country, but it seems to me that that is what ought to happen.”

The former PM said the boundaries could continue to exist for interstate sport “and that sort of thing.” Enditem

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