Nigeria Police Force

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, was yet civilized and mature for states to operate their own police systems, a former police chief said Sunday.

Abubakar Tsav, a retired Commissioner of Police, who stated this in a statement issued in the central north city of Makurdi, capital city of Benue, said he was not against the establishment of State Police in the future.

The former police chief reaction came barely a week after the outcome and recommendation of the Presidential Panel on the reform of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The report of the panel is in four volumes. It has among other recommendations the dismissal of 37 police officers from the force and the prosecution of 24 officers.

The Panel also recommended the establishment of state and local government police and the renaming of SARS to Anti-Robbery Section (ARS), which was its original name, and to make the section operate under the intelligence arm of the police.

Tsav added that currently, activities of some politicians, including governors, suggested that the country was not mature enough for such an arrangement.

According to him, the establishment of state and local government police now, which requires amendment of the constitution, is inviting anarchy.

“We are not yet ready for such arrangement,” he added.

“As I always say, state and local government police are desirable in Nigeria, to bring policing to the people at the grassroots, but we are not politically mature enough to have such arrangement in Nigeria,” the former police chief said.

“We have many modern ‘Pharaohs’ among our politicians and governors who may use state and local government police to harass and intimidate their political opponents,” he added.

Tsav said state police may be misused in the same manner some governors were currently misusing security votes, noting that there may be no security of tenure for state commissioners of police, especially those who refuse to carry out illegal or hatchet jobs.

“Professionalism may be compromised,” he added. Enditem



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