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Formula E champ calls for sport to return to Cape Town

Jake Dennis Sa Helmet
Jake Dennis Sa Helmet

‘There isn’t a driver who doesn’t want to return’: Formula E’s Jake Dennis on a return to Cape Town and why he loves racing in the city

Is Cape Town returning to the Formula E calendar? If Season 9 world champion Jake Dennis had his way, returning to the Mother City would be a no-brainer. 

Despite the race around the Cape Town Street Circuit not going to plan for the British driver in 2023, he would love the sport to return to Cape Town. That’s because Dennis, his love for the city runs far deeper than the enthralling racing action. 

Mother City Magic

The Andretti star first visited Cape Town in 2019 when he was in the country for a race and it quickly became one of his favorite destinations. Thanks to some inside tips from South African drivers Kelvin Sheldon van der Linde and Jordan Pepper, he was soon up to speed with the city’s offerings.

So, when Formula E announced that the all-electric series would be racing in South Africa for the first time, Dennis was ready to return to what he described as his favorite ever place he has visited while racing. 

Dennis said:When Formula E announced that they were racing there, I knew it would be a good trip. I knew all the locations to go to, such as Camps Bay being the spot to be in. So I made a bit of an effort to stay out after the race for about a week and it didn’t disappoint. It was an amazing trip.” 

Cape Town is a highlight in Dennis’s travel diary as the city offers a wide range of exciting things to do. From the weather to the people to the sights and his favorite, the culinary scene, Dennis believes it has it all. 

It also perfectly fits the criteria of what he looks for when choosing a holiday destination. While he enjoys being on the beach and spending time outdoors, Dennis always wants to be close to the sights and sounds of a city. 

Dennis said:I love the sea and love the beach, but then I think you can become a bit bored quite quickly. So, I always try and make sure I’m not too far away from somewhere where a lot is going on and many things to do. I want to have things lined up and be able to go out and just walk into restaurants and coffee places.”

Jake Dennis Table Mountain
Jake Dennis Table Mountain

Culinary Delights

Cape Town stands out in the driver’s mind for many reasons, but his favorite attractions are not Table Mountain, Boulders Beach, or Lions Head (although they are near the top). Rather, it’s the culinary and coffee scene the city has to offer. 

Dennis describes the food asabsolutely incredible”, withlife-changingbutterfish leading the way as the best dish he has tasted in South Africa. He said:I got introduced to a fish called butterfish when I was in Cape Town, which is not an expensive fish at all. But it changed my life. Wherever I am, if I see butterfish on the menu now, it is the first thing I will order.”

Dennis is also a self-proclaimedcoffee loverand the various coffee shops did not disappoint him. He said that one of his favorite things to do in the city is to spend the day visiting coffee shops and cafes to sample the best of Cape Town’s caffeine concoctions. 

However, as a professional athlete, one cannot only focus on a destination’s cuisine. When on holiday, it is still important to stay in shape. Luckily, Cape Town also has that side of things covered, with multiple hikes and other outdoor activities, allowing Dennis to strike the perfect balance. 

“What Cape Town has to offer in general, it’s not so much in the city but also places like Lions Head and Table Mountain. These locations are pretty spectacular when you get to the top and getting there is also a good workout,explained Dennis. 

A Racing Return?

While Dennis has multiple locations on his ideal Formula E calendar, including Sydney, Australia, Cape Town is near the top of his list. Beyond the delights of the city, he believes the racing action, which was voted the best Formula E race of 2023, makes Cape Town a worthy addition to the calendar. 

Speaking on the 2023 Cape Town E-Prix and a potential return to Cape Town, Dennis said:I had a terrible race there, but I know the race was great. The fight for the lead was pretty spectacular and the track itself was very fast flowing. It was a high-risk, high-reward circuit and one that the drivers enjoyed, so hopefully we come back and fingers crossed that we can make it happen.”

If Cape Town does return to the Formula E calendar, Dennis thinks a lot of the drivers will make an effort to stay on after the race, to spend some time in the city. 

He stated:I don’t think there is a driver on the grid that doesn’t want to go back, especially the guys who have never been. In 2023 most of the drivers flew back immediately because they didn’t know what it was like. Whereas, a few of us knew Cape Town was quite good, so we stayed out there. But I think there are a lot of guys who wish that they had stayed and that Formula E would come back to Cape Town.”

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