Musah Haruna, founder of VIP, (made of Promzy, Chicago, Prodigal and Lazy) has broken silence on the war between the current leader of VVIP, Reggie Rockstone and former VIP member, Promzy now called ‘Promzy Afrika’fricti

Few days ago, Promzy Afrika sent out a threat to a member of VVIP and we believe this person who feels threatened by Promzy is the grandpa of?Hip Life?in?Ghana, Reggie Rockstone.

According to Promzy, it is his choice to be silent on his break up with VIP because he isnt the pu**y type seeking attention but a real street negga.

He says..

The reason behind my silence
1,am not the p***y type running after radio or tv seeking attention or wanna be heard
2,a real street negga don?t talk too much,we put in work
3,real neggaz don?t start what they can?t finish.
4,we don?t have time for low life neggaz.
As old as you are you don?t want to respect yourself,who even made you the grandpa of hip life( that sounds like a self title to me,tell people the truth about me)Never bite the hands that feed you.
Remember this,am always going to be ?#?PROMZYAFRIKA? the true King of Nima.
So shut the fuck up or else it will be ugly Yaw asante and am not playing.

Promzy sent out this message with series of pictures of him holding a gun.


Popularly known as Friction, the former leader of music group Vision In Progress (V.I.P)?says, Promzy?showing his anger on Reggie Rockstone?or whoever can be done in a rightful and a morally accepted way, not by flaunting guns on social media.

Friction believes Promzy has made the reasons towards his anger a disagreeable one after he posted those pictures of guns online.

His words below..

Putting pics with guns is just wrong. And then saying you are a Nima boy. We Nima boys don’t do that. We fight with words, we don’t fight with guns. We have kids around, are we trying to let our kids to copy this style? He also has kids himself. If he wanted to give some reaction to whatever is going on, he should have written a simple, calm statement about it, but he just spoiled it with putting the pictures with the gun. Who-ever adviced him to use these pics alongside the message is not a smart person, and obviously doesn’t want the best for him. I cannot say anything about what’s going on between him and Reggie or who-ever, as that is between them. But pulling out a gun to give a warning is not the right thing, let alone doing that online. These pics can damage him forever.


Promzy with his former VIP group members dropped their first album ‘Bibibaao’. They were already famous in Accra, but this album gave them nationwide fame. They became the most popular hiplife-group in Ghana. In 2000 they released their second album ‘Ye de Aba’. This album was even more succesfull than the first one. In that same year, Friction featured in a song ‘Stop AIDS, Love Life’, among many other Ghanaian artists. The song was part of a nationwide AIDS awareness campaign.

Source – Bossu Kule – GhJoy.Net


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