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Four basic heresies of pseudo pope Bergoglio


The first area is the preaching of false mercy

In Scripture, receiving God’s mercy is always linked to repentance. This is expressed in the parable of the prodigal son. The preaching of false mercy, however, eliminates this condition for salvation, that is, repentance. Jesus urges us: “Unless you repent, you will all perish.” (Lk 13:3)

Bergoglio preaches heresies and exploits the usurped papal authority to teach them publicly. He commits this crime knowingly and willingly. He demands imitation, that is, the implementation of his heresies. He is building on a system of lies which is very effective. This is because it is composed of very vivid, sensitively conveyed truths that touch the heart.

For example, he explains that Jesus is merciful and forgiving, and therefore the devil is powerless against a repentant sinner. A repentant sinner, however, also has a sincere desire to break with sin. But Bergoglio does not want it and will not allow it. That is why the term “repentance” and other biblical terms are only manipulative phrases in his mouth. Then it is not the devil, but the forgiving Jesus who is powerless because the sinner does not accept forgiveness, he rejects it. This is because Bergoglio teaches not to regard sin as sin but to persist in it. He deadens the conscience of the sodomites with phrases like “God loves you as you are, so love yourself”. By doing so, he prevents them from repenting for salvation.

The 1955 Catechism of Cardinal Tomášek lists the sins against the Holy Spirit:
The first one is: presumptuous reliance on God’s mercy. Bergoglio deliberately and one-sidedly assures the sinners of God’s mercy in order that they may not turn away from sin but rather have, as St Basil says, greater courage to sin, because the truth of eternal damnation must not be proclaimed. Bergoglio keeps sinners on the road to perdition by deliberately overemphasizing God’s mercy.
The second sin against the Holy Spirit is listed in the Catechism as: resisting the known Christian truth. Bergoglio, among other things, resists the truth of sodomy, which is clearly condemned in the Holy Scriptures as an outrageous sin that calls down fire from heaven.
Another sin against the Holy Spirit listed in the Catechism is: the hardening of the heart until death. By introducing the blessing of homosexual unions and emphasizing fidelity in the sinful relationship he calls love, Bergoglio creates the conditions for sinners to remain hardened in this sin until death. In doing so, Bergoglio not only commits sins against the Holy Spirit himself, but also teaches others to commit them and creates the conditions for these sins.

The second area where Bergoglio is guilty of heresy is the Church’s legalization of homosexuality
He answered the question about homosexuality with a counter-question: “Who am I…?” In doing so, he actually gave the answer that he is a manifest heretic. If he were a Christian, and even more so if he truly were the Pope, he would be obliged to clearly call the sin of homosexuality a sin and show the sinner the necessity of saving repentance. But as a manifest heretic, he has pursued the goal of removing God’s law and legalizing sin.

Through blatant heresy, which has now fully manifested itself in his synodal LGBTQ journey, he had long ago excommunicated himself from the Church and therefore cannot be its head. This truth is emphasized by St Bellarmine and other Doctors of the Church or Church Fathers, based on the very essence of Christ’s teachings. Bergoglio has openly promoted sodomy in word, gesture and action at every opportunity for as long as he has occupied the highest office. He did not allow the bishops in the US to address the issue of sodomy in 2018 when they asked him to. He dismissed Cardinal Müller as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith because the cardinal refused to unjustly defend a homosexual. He dismissed another prefect of the Congregation and his secretary because they issued a statement that the Church cannot bless the sin of homosexuality. He himself demonstratively kissed the feet of a transsexual as part of the Maundy Thursday rite. The washing of the feet is associated with the Last Supper. Jesus did not wash the feet of the enemies of the Church, or of women, or of transsexuals, but of His chosen apostles. With this gesture, Bergoglio revealed who his pro-LGBTQ apostles are.

He has abused papal authority de facto to give sanction to transsexualism coupled with the crime of gender reassignment. Moreover, Bergoglio not only washed the feet, he even kissed them, which is an act of latria, that is, adoration due to God alone. With this gesture, he both opened the door to unclean LGBTQ demons and committed idolatry. Using papal authority, he received another god for the Church and then had himself ostentatiously dedicated to Satan in Canada. This happened in 2022, already at the time of the synodal journey. He thus set a pattern for all Catholics of the path of apostasy from Christ.

As for moral purity, let us recall the words of Jesus: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell…” (Mt 5:27-29)

If the commandment ‘You shall not commit adultery’ is to be treated with such radicalism, what can we say about perverted sodomy or the whole LGBTQ synodal journey? Let us recall at least that God’s Word clearly warns that the punishment for this sin is both temporal (2Pe 2:6) and eternal fire (Jud 1:7).

The phrases at the Synod that the Holy Spirit has now revealed to them that sodomy is no longer a sin is a diabolical lie and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This lie was not revealed to them by the Holy Spirit, but by the spirit of the devil, an unclean spirit.

The third area is heresies against the Eucharist
The purpose of receiving the Body and Blood of Christ is to be strengthened in the fight against sin, not to be strengthened in sin. Bergoglio commands that the Eucharist be received by people without confession, without repentance and without any willingness to acknowledge and repent of sin, i.e. LGBTQ persons. This is public incitement to sacrilege. Scripture clearly warns that such a person eats and drinks judgment upon himself (1Cor 11:29).

Moreover, in the final document of the Synod on Amazonia, Bergoglio introduces pagan rites and the pagan spirit directly into the liturgy. It is a bundle of heresies against the Eucharist. Cardinal Brandmüller has said that these are not just heresies, but downright stupidity.

In enforcing the pseudo-pandemic, Bergoglio ordered priests to wear rubber gloves when holding the Blessed Sacrament. The promotion of the ordination of women as deacons, and consequently as priests and bishops, also leads to the degradation of the Blessed Sacrament and the sacrament of the priesthood.

The fourth area is the sins against the First Commandment
In addition to heresies relating to dogmatic truths in the area of faith, Bergoglio also commits public idolatry. He actively participated in a pagan ritual in the Vatican Gardens with wizards and witches. Then he solemnly enthroned the Pachamama demon in St Peter’s Basilica. His idolatry culminated in a public dedication to Satan under the guidance of a shaman in Canada. These are blatant heresies. In this spirit, Bergoglio is promoting inter-religious dialogue, which is also a blatant heresy.

The heretical statement that Bergoglio signed in Abu Dhabi contains the heresy that the plurality of religions is the will of God, in other words, that the pagan worship of demons is supposedly the will of God. This manifestly heretical position destroys true mission and makes missionaries mere cultural and social workers.

God punishes idolatry up to the third and fourth generation (Deu 5:9). Idolaters will have no part in the kingdom of God (1Co 6:9; 1Ti 1:10; Rev 21:8).

We have pointed out four basic areas of Bergoglio’s heresies. It is abundantly clear that Bergoglio is a multiple and manifest heretic who abuses the papacy to promote heresies within the Church. The only solution is for the bishops and priests to separate from him because he and his sect will not voluntarily leave the occupied church offices. The greatest obstacle to the saving step, i.e., separation from the heretic, is the suicidal heresy of papolatry!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                    + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

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