Fox Interviewer’s authentic style lends credibility to brands with PR placement

Fox Interviewer
Fox Interviewer

For digital public relation (PR) agencies, a surefire strategy to increasing a client’s credibility is through press placement. This is a strategy in which quality is far more important than quantity.

Simply out, a handful of excellent articles in widely viewed and reputable publications goes a lot further than mediocre coverage splashed across scores of low traffic sites.

Media placement generates long-term traffic and is an excellent strategy for building credibility. The goal of PR agencies goes beyond promoting a client but making that person, brand, or business important, entertaining, and relevant. And where this promotion is placed has a direct impact on its effectiveness.

Fox Interviewer is an ideal site for this PR placement. It was founded in 2018 by a group of journalists with the goal of providing instant coverage of international news covering a wide variety of topics. The content on the site includes news stories, interviews, editorials, and reviews. What sets Fox Interviewer apart from other news sites is the unique nature of its stories. The content is shaped to provide readers with a new perspective on various verticals.

Based on the site’s style and voice, it is an excellent vehicle to introduce clients to a large audience. Fox Interviewer is a fresh, modern take on online journalism and a natural fit for featuring the hottest up and comers. If your goal is to get a client’s name out and increase their credibility, this is a go-to site to exceed those goals. After all, we are looking at a new type of PR methodology which integrates best with unconventional news outlets like Fox Interviewer.

If your PR agency is trying to determine where to run content on your clients, be sure to consider Fox Interviewer to make that party a leading authority in their specific industry.

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