France imposes mandatory quarantine on several countries

Air France
Air France

France is tightening entry restrictions from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and South Africa because of concerns about new variants of the coronavirus.

A 10-day compulsory quarantine is to apply to people entering the country from these countries. It will go into effect on Saturday. The measure will also apply to air travellers from its overseas territory of French Guiana.

France intends to create a system by then that allows for the verification of location and the corresponding quarantine requirements. Furthermore, there must be proof of a negative coronavirus test not older than 36 hours.

France has also extended the suspension of all flights to Brazil, imposed early last week. It is set to last through Friday.

The measure was ordered because of the Brazilian variant known as P1, which is said to be particularly virulent and is blamed for a sharp rise in coronavirus deaths in Brazil in March.

France has been particularly hard-hit by the pandemic. In the country of around 67 million, more than 100,000 people have died as a result of Covid-19.


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