Togbe boardd

Hearts board member Frank Nelson has jumped to the defense of under-fire majority shareholder Togbe Afede XIV, claiming he would have resigned if he was dictatorial.

The chief of the Asogli state has been accused of running a one-man show since buying majority shares of the club.

Critics have accused him of running the club down with his managerial skills but outspoken board member Frank Nelson has poured cold water on the constant attacks.

“If there was any autocracy in the leadership some of us might quit the board, I don’t think is fair for us to say that because that will be a very good comment in terms of leadership,” he told Accra-based Starr FM

“Yes he is the board chairman and sometimes he made the final decision but before that opinions are sampled.”

Togbe Afede is reported to have single-handedly sacked former coach David Duncan with mounting reports claiming he sanctioned the appointment of Japanese youth coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi without approval from the board.


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