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Frank Paa Kumi: Let’s create avenues to promote moral, ethical construct among youth

Frank Paa Kumi Youth Engagement Advisor Frimpong Manso Institute
Frank Paa Kumi Youth Engagement Advisor Frimpong Manso Institute

Mr Frank Paa Kumi, Youth Engagement-Advisor, Frimpong-Manso Institute, has called for the creation of avenues that would promote moral and ethical construct among the youth.

He said focus should not only be on education or employment, but also parents and stakeholders must provide the youth with the requisite moral upbringing for a holistic youth empowerment.

Mr Kumi said this on Monday during the 6th edition of the Frimpong-Manso Institute and Academy of Development Leadership of PALI virtual conversation series, in Accra.

It was on the theme: “Conversation towards a holistic Youth Empowerment and examining the existing deficits/gaps and the prescription of measures for remediation”.

Mr Kumi, also the Founding Director, PALI-Christian Academy of Development Leadership, said some prevailing gaps and developmental deficits that needed to be addressed include inadequate infrastructure and support systems to incubate a holistic youth empowerment.

He noted despite some Government interventions, the country was still battling with an increasing unemployment rate.
Mr Kumi said there was a ripple effect of the lack of policy coherence, proper coordination, and integrative approach by youth governing bodies.

He observed the absence of a clear-cut national vision and aspiration, outdated educational system and little or no access to funding opportunities for local businesses and initiatives.

Mr Kumi called for a thorough overhaul of all levels and interfaces of the formal education structure and a paradigm shift in the means of selecting and equipping youth and teen pastors.

He urged stakeholders and policy makers to prioritise the concept of self-leadership among the youth and pay attention to social re-orientation of citizens on nation-building and development.

Rev Mrs Gladys Frimpong-Manso, Chair for Women, Youth Empowerment and Gender, Frimpong-Manso Institute, said in an era of moral depravity and excessive liberalism, it was important to provide mentorship and guidance to the youth.

She said mentoring fostered personal and professional development and by connecting with mentors who had expertise in specific fields, young people would gain valuable insights, advice, and skills that could help them explore their interests, set goals and chart a successful path forward.

“Furthermore, mentoring contributes to the overall well-being and emotional growth of young individuals. By having a trusted mentor, they have a safe space to discuss their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations, promoting self-reflection and self-awareness,” she said.

She said mentoring positively impacted society by helping the youth to reach their full potential, become engaged citizens and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

“Mentoring helps shape the leaders of tomorrow and fosters a sense of responsibility, empathy, and social consciousness among the youth. Overall, mentoring the youth plays a vital role in nurturing their growth, development, and success, while simultaneously fostering a brighter future for individuals and society.”

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