Freda AKosua Prempeh: A Trailblazer in Ghanaian Politics

Freda AKosua Prempeh
Freda AKosua Prempeh

In the realm of Ghanaian politics, Freda AKosua Prempeh has emerged as a shining star, making significant contributions as a Member of Parliament and Minister of Water and Sanitation.

Her dedication, hard work, and numerous achievements have positioned her as the best and most performing MP under the 4th Republic of Ghana. Speaking to the media at Duayaw Nkwanta she explores her first 20 achievements and why delegates should vote to retain her as their 2024 parliamentary candidate.

  1. Water – 155 Boreholes Constructed: Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has prioritized access to clean water for her constituents. Through her efforts, 155 boreholes have been constructed, ensuring that communities have a sustainable source of clean water.
  2. National Electricity Grid – 90% Coverage: Recognizing the importance of reliable electricity, Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has worked tirelessly to increase the coverage of the national electricity grid. Her efforts have resulted in an impressive 90% coverage, bringing power to previously underserved areas.
  3. Roads Infrastructure – 85% Coverage: Improving transportation infrastructure is crucial for economic growth and development. Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has made significant strides in this area, achieving an impressive 85% coverage of roads infrastructure within her constituency.
  4. Education – Provision of 25 Schools: Education is the foundation for a prosperous future. Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has been instrumental in providing access to quality education by establishing 25 schools, ensuring that children have a conducive learning environment.
  5. Over 900 Scholarships from SHS to Tertiary Institutions: Recognizing the importance of education beyond the basic level, Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has facilitated over 900 scholarships, enabling deserving students to pursue higher education and fulfill their potential.
  6. Health – 11 CHPS Compounds: Access to healthcare is a fundamental right. Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has championed the establishment of 11 Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compounds, bringing healthcare closer to the people.
  7. Provision of 25 Toilet Facilities: Improving sanitation is a key aspect of public health. Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has prioritized this by providing 25 toilet facilities, ensuring proper sanitation practices and reducing the risk of diseases.
  8. Construction of Constituency Office (Ongoing): Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh’s commitment to serving her constituents is evident in the ongoing construction of a constituency office. This office will serve as a hub for addressing the needs and concerns of the community.
  9. Ten (10) Dubar Grounds: Promoting cultural activities and community cohesion, Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has facilitated the construction of ten Dubar grounds, providing spaces for traditional gatherings and celebrations.
  10. Sports Complex – Two Astro Turfs: Recognizing the importance of sports in youth development, Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has spearheaded the construction of two astro turfs, providing modern sports facilities for the community.
  11. 400,000 Cashew Seedlings to Farmers: Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has supported the agricultural sector by distributing 400,000 cashew seedlings to farmers, promoting sustainable farming practices and boosting the local economy.
  12. Employment – Massive: Creating employment opportunities is crucial for economic growth. Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh’s efforts have resulted in a significant increase in job opportunities within her constituency, providing livelihoods for many.
  13. Pavement and Provision of Sheds at Lorry Stations: Improving transportation infrastructure includes enhancing lorry stations. Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has paved and provided sheds at lorry stations, ensuring the safety and comfort of commuters.
  14. School Feeding Programs in all Basic Schools in the Constituency: Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh recognizes the importance of proper nutrition for children’s education. She has implemented school feeding programs in all basic schools within her constituency, ensuring students receive nutritious meals.
  15. Over 1000 Streetlights and 200 Solar Streetlights to Deprived Communities: Enhancing community safety and security, Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has installed over 1000 streetlights and 200 solar streetlights in deprived communities, illuminating the streets and reducing crime rates.
  16. 100-Bed Hostel – Five (5): To cater to the accommodation needs of students, Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has facilitated the construction of five 100-bed hostels, providing comfortable living spaces for students pursuing higher education.
  17. Fire Service Training School: Ensuring the safety of her constituents, Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh has established a Fire Service Training School, equipping firefighters with the necessary skills to respond effectively to emergencies.
  18. Security – Donations to the Security Services: Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh values the dedication and sacrifice of the security services. She has consistently shown her support by making donations to enhance their capabilities and welfare.
  19. Donation of Hospital Equipment: Improving healthcare facilities is a priority for Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh. She has made significant donations of hospital equipment, ensuring that healthcare providers have the necessary tools to deliver quality care.
  20. Educational Support – Massive and Still Counting: Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh’s commitment to education extends beyond infrastructure. She has provided massive educational support, including scholarships, learning materials, and mentorship programs, empowering the youth to excel academically.

Conclusion: Hon. Freda AKosua Prempeh’s remarkable achievements as a Member of Parliament and Minister of Water and Sanitation make her the best and most performing MP under the 4th Republic of Ghana. Her dedication to improving water and sanitation, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and various other sectors has positively impacted the lives of her constituents. Delegates should vote to retain her as their 2024 parliamentary candidate to continue the transformative work she has initiated.

Article by: Boakye-Sarfo Clement – Genesis Radio – Goaso

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