Free Quality Basic Education Must Be Now


The forum for Education Free for All (FOEDUFA) said it is enthused about the level of discussions in the media in respect of the NPP flagbearer?s agenda of a free basic Education which is envisioned to stretch from the very basic level of education- Kindergarten to the Senior High School level.

It noted that, as a forum, it has critically listened to the arguments, criticism and analysis made by various stakeholders; i.e. political parties, civil society organizations, members of the Academia and we cannot agree more with the pro-free Education campaigners that this lofty idea cannot be deferred for another time.

“Critics have raised questions with regards to the capacity of our economy to support such capital intensive program. Again some have argued that given the inadequacy of Educational facilities, it may not be feasible to implement the free education policy at such a scale. Others have also raised questions concerning the quality of education that our children will enjoy and the inadequacy of professional and qualified teachers.”

According to FOEDUFA, it appreciates the fact that, these concerns are legitimate and have served to enrich the debate on a free basic education agenda of the New Patriotic Party which is not just the flagship program but also a fundamental requirement of the fourth republican constitution of Ghana. ?”Given that Ghana?s economy over the last twelve years has grown four folds; Given that the country is now an oil producing country; and given that; our country must seek a place in the competitive global economic system; then we no longer have the choice but produce adequate human resource base to meet the requirement of the times.”

‘ Forum for Education Free for All (FOEDUFA) sees the provision of free basic education to the children of Ghana as amore imperative today and cannot be reduced to a political ball game. If this country would at least get its priorities right, finding the resources to support free education should not be difficult to do. In addition, if a conscious effort is made by Government to reduce the waste (such payment of illegitimate judgement debt, over invoicing etc.)? in our budget and cut down tremendously the budgeted expenditure to the executive; much resource can be marshaled to support the budget for financing such life changing educational policy.”

It noted that the country should not fear to risk in educating the masses since the cost of illiteracy is always greater than the cost of education.

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