Friday Affirmation: What We Do


I love you my Black American women. We got no daddies with shotguns. We got no big brothers to defend our honour. And sometimes it seems that our men don’t appreciate the fact that we lay down on those tables to give them immortality in the form of our beautiful brown babies. There are far too few princes on the white horses coming to save us. We must save ourselves. We can’t wait for a falling star for our star to shine. We make our own shine. And that’s why, for better or worse, I am with you. I am wedded to our cause and our fight. For all time.

Every culture has beautiful women. But us? What’s our brand? We’re the newest conglomeration on the planet. Did you ever think of that? Our “mix” is less than two hundred years old. All of the strongest of Africa. The last part of of the Indians before falling into alcholism and extinction. The most brutal of Europe. You couldn’t be a no wimp or wuss and come to this land. And we are the culmination of all of that and so much more. We are that NEW exotic Kush and you can’t help yourself – gotta taste it or “own” it. If not for the plague which fell hardest on our men? I can’t say much more on that. But you see how WE are not beaten into nothingness? We some bad folks Black women. And nothing can ever change that fact.

In the Bible there was only one Sarah. Dark and sweet and not showing no traces of time. Her husband had been with her since she was a chile and he had YET to develop the security of possessing such a below the Sahara prize even in their old age. Member how he lied and said he was her brother? Black American Women are the daughters of Sarah. Could be 20 just as easy as could be 50. The only thing that beats us is ourselves. But that’s another talk for another day, now isn’t it? Today, I post the photos of Black women who I KNOW know know TO BE STRONG and fine. Tell me and show me, that you know how beautiful (not pretty – pretty fades – and pretty can exist in the stupid as well).

For the house of wisdom is ALWAYS beautiful.

How many of you have had sex with a man just because you wanted to hurt his woman? You didn’t even like the man. You didn’t want him. You wanted to hurt her and you didn’t care if her children got hurt in the process. Maybe you even forced your lips into one of the sayings which mess Black women up the most, “if I could get him she wasn’t doing her job” or “her was out there, hungry, and if I didn’t get him some other girl would” or “I didn’t do nothing to her, he did.” Yeah. I’ve heard it all and in the end, a home was broken and some children were crying and wondering where their father was. Don’t delude yourself. You will pay for your part in this.

You were jealous of that woman. And so you waited for the right opportunity, like an infested city rat, to jump on a morsel of a man. Not to get the man but to get her. Oprah can come at it one way. She’s the general. I’m the special forces sergeant on the ground with the troops. You all do some nasty stuff to women who have never done a thing, said a thing, or looked at you wrong. Some of you do it because the woman’s skin is lighter, hair is straighter, or maybe because someone you like has something good to say about her. So you make her pay for getting a compliment.

So you stab her in the back on the job. You start rumors about her. I’ve heard that some of you will even get a baby to hurt this woman (that’s truly sick if it is true – hurt her kids and bring a poor innocent traveler into your hell). I hope I’ve heard it all. But here’s the thing. You sat back and noticed that the woman ALWAYS seemed to come out on top. Have you ever noticed that God or Allah the Just will not allow a truly good woman to be destroyed by a bad woman? Can’t happen unless the good woman lets it. So stop wasting your time trying to destroy the Jewels of God’s crown, the beautiful flowers in His garden. Your only success is assuring all around you that you are nasty, disgusting, thorny, toxic weed. And you will ALWAYS be cut.

Naming it and claiming it: I am one of Sarah’s daughters. I have messed up. And my mistakes have created a nation. Even in my utmost wickedness God used me for the purpose of bringing about the birth of a new land, a new people, and another path to him. Even my mess can be used as the foundation for a great house. How about that?

And a great house hardly ever means material wealth. The house of wisdom is always beautiful. You think diamonds are beautiful. I think they are death. You think gold is beautiful? I think gold is poverty. You think that money is beautiful? Mo money, mo problems and mo people lying in your face.

So I make the appeal to my sisters, the wealthiest brown women this world has ever seen. I make the appeal that only we have the power to stop the extinction of Black America. No one got you pregnant. No one made you the only Black person on your job. No one made sure you faced this world all alone. You laid down. You stabbed the other Black girls in the back and didn’t recommend yo cuzzins ‘nem for jobs, and you were so evil til finally even your own damn dog left you alone. You are the inventor of dog-a-cide. Poor thang just ruint himself by running out into traffic.

And just as I feel that our particular brand of femininity is the finest in the African Diaspora, I also feel that we are the most foul mouthed, the fakest Christians and Muslims, the most deceitful and committresses of the most vile actions against our own children. What could be more evil than to deprive a baby of a father? And yet we have created a culture where this is the norm. We even MAKE FUN OF SISTERS who love their husbands and look up to them. We say, “she weak, she gon’ learn” and we make sure that she learns by sneaking around and practically throwing that thang on that man. Tell me I’m wrong when I know I am the very right hand of truth at this moment in time.

So, on this day. I’m catching you before you put your kids at your mama’s or your sister’s. Before you wear that DS red lip stick. And those FM pumps. And that FH dress tonight? Think about what you’re doing. The husband the woman gets is the son she raises. In African culture all women have access to the great title of Mama. You have the ability to effect a child by being a good auntie to him and NOT throwing that thang on your girlfriend’s, sisters, cousins man. But you also have the ability to raise that child up in pain and teach him an early lesson in evil. Can you wrap your head around what I’m saying?

And notice that I left out the mothers and daughters. Mama if your daughter is “with” your man you need to examine what kind of man you brought into your house and your bed. The next thing? You need to examine why you’re not in jail needing a bail bondsman. That’s the ONLY acceptable temporary residence for a woman who finds out her man has touched her child. But you all don’t see it that way do you? How many women have whispered in my ear the REAL REASON why they were out of the house so early and so alone? That mama kept that man and put out the child. It happens day after day after day and we say nothing. We put down the child. We don’t take the child in. We create so much needless pain we African American Girls, now don’t we?

And turn around and wonder why we no get no blessing. Don’t wonder. I’m telling you why if you’ll take the fake eyelashes, bonding glue, and layaway diamonds and gold out of your ears.

Okay. Wasted too much time and now I got to take a shower instead of a bath. But it wasn’t wasted, now was it? Tell me, was it wasted? If I thought one child wouldn’t be hurt I would gladly take a hoe bath ’til Christmas came (I think I just lied).? Talk to you all later.? Remember, I love you and I want you to love you too.

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