It is ironical to call for sanity in a bad system which you singly created. You can not create monsters and expect to see angels. The insecurity in the country is solely created by Nana Addo, the President, and must face its consequences solely. Ghana has been a peaceful nation until now.

Candidate Nana Addo in 2015 sought the services of jail-break miscreants from Serbia and from South Africa to train innocent youth on the handling of deadly weapons to assault the pillars of power, the NDC and John Mahama administration in the run up to the 2016 elections, and after John has won for his second term. Unfortunately, John lost.

The NPP youth have since, adopted an approach to visit mayhem on appointed District Officials and other government appointees.

The youth, with different regional names; Invincible Forces, Delta Forces, Volta Crocodiles, Kandahar Boys, Bolga Bull Dogs, Somanya Crabs, and a host of others, were trained to disrupt smooth running of government.

The President has lost the fight against hooliganism and on national security. People continuously live in constant fear for their lives and property.
Armed men can just budge into your house and cease your cars and other properties, claiming they were sent by persons sanctioned at the presidency. Most of these guys are accompanied by policemen.

NPP youth forces have continuously meted mayhem on national institutions and public servants but are yet to be punished. They are always spared with flimsy excuses.

After they were trained to assault the pillars of power in opposition, they are now assaulting the pillars of their own government. “The chicken has come home to rooste”. A crab does not beget a bird.

They drive away DCEs from their offices, lock up offices of police stations, burn properties of NHIS and assault school children in school feeding areas.
NPP youth in Karaga, after storming a police station yesterday, beats up police officers and frees 3 arrested persons in cells.
They have also threatened to burn the police station upon further arrests.

Earlier this year, it was Delta Forces beating up a Judge and freeing suspects standing trial in a court. The culprits were virtually freed with a peanut of GHC 1800 each to be paid.

The Muntie 3 who just used their mouth to dare judges were imprisoned for 3 moths and slapped with GHC 10,000 each; the also convicted the radio station owners with a cost of GHC 100,000. Can we call this fairness or injustice? Who is the leader of the country?

We saw a footage of the invincible forces also attacking state installations and beating up a police officer, Mr. Nanka Bruce, at the flagstaffhouse and the president did nothing to salvage the situation. The officer suspected to have spread the footages was fired immediately, but nothing was done to the culprits.

Are we safe. Safety lies in the masses. Safety lies in a people’s revolution, and safety lies in an organized working class.

I therefore call for the ‘?People’s Power’?to ensure sanity in Ghana.
Long live Ghana!
Short live bad leadership!

?It can be done ?
?Let’s keep hope alive?

Lawrence Lamptey
(Youth Activist and a Youth leader hopeful)g


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