Yobe governor is alarmed at the exodus of people from the state following killings during Ramadan

Yobe state governor, Ibrahim Gaidam is worried over the rising number of people fleeing from Damaturu, the state capital following the precarious security challenges in the town. 

Appealing to those remaining in the state not to leave, the governor also urged those who had fled to return, assuring that the situation was “now under control”. 

It would be recalled that during and after the month of Ramadan, over 20 people were slaughtered or shot dead in Damaturu and environs. 

Gaidam made the appeal yesterday during a special broadcast to the people of Yobe on the effort being put in place by the state government and other security agencies aimed at nipping the security challenges in the bud, particularly in Damaturu and Potiskum towns.

He said, ?In spite of my earlier clarion call and additional efforts by the security operatives to bring the situation under control, people have continued to panic and flee Damaturu in their thousands, making the state capital look like a ghost town.

?Fellow citizens, the fact that no real breach of the peace was witnessed during the Sallah festival and the days following it, in spite of rumours of an impending attack, has demonstrated that the rumours are as baseless and unfounded as the fears are imaginary and unrealistic.

?Circulation of such rumours could be the deliberate handiwork of miscreants through which they create a fertile environment to perpetrate their atrocities of plundering and looting of people?s properties in their absence as some reports have actually indicated.

?While we lament the loss of lives and property, means of livelihood of thousands and the curtailing of socio-economic activities and freedom of movement occasioned by the imposition of six-month state of emergency on some of our local government areas, the mass exodus of people from Damaturu has further compounded the situation?. Gaidam stated.

Gaidam added that in addition to these largely man-made calamities, the state recently also witnessed a spate of natural disasters in the form of floods and downpours causing destruction of thousands of houses, including some loss of lives in Gashua town.

He said, ?As believers in God, we have no explanation for all these other than to take them as the manifestation of the divine scheme of test and trials as referred to in the Qur?an (2:155) which states that Individuals, groups, communities and nations must go through one form of trial or the other in the course of their lives,? he explained.

This, according to Gaidam, is a phenomenon to which every person can testify in history and in our individual and collective lives. ?Trials and tests by means of affliction with fear, loss of lives and property, diseases and other forms of suffering, according to the teaching of our religion, are one of the ways of expiation for sins and a mild punishment in lieu of the greater punishment in the thereafter,? he noted.

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