GAMA Awarded engineering excellence award for innovative solutions

GAMA Awarded engineering excellence award
GAMA Awarded engineering excellence award

The Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Sanitation and Water Project (SWP) has been recognized by the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE) for its outstanding contribution to implementing innovative engineering solutions in the WASH sector.

The prestigious award was presented under the projects/practitioners category at the 2023 Engineering Excellence Awards ceremony held at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra on March 22, 2024.

In a remarkable evening that celebrated engineering excellence, the GhIE also conferred the Esteemed Class of Fellows on exceptional engineers.

Ing. George Asiedu, the Coordinator of the GAMA Sanitation and Water Project, expressed his surprise at receiving this honour.

In an interview, he reflected on the project’s mission to ensure universal access to sanitation facilities by 2030, particularly focusing on reaching the low-income population, which constitutes a significant percentage of the country’s inhabitants.

Ing. Asiedu emphasized that conventional sanitation solutions like septic tanks and KVIPs faced challenges in meeting the needs of vulnerable communities due to issues such as space constraints, land ownership, unsuitable environments, and affordability.

According to him, to address these challenges, the project team delved into innovative engineering solutions, leading to the popularization and refinement of the biodigester toilet, a sustainable and cost-effective alternative, suitable for the low-income dwellers of Peri urban and urban communities. 

The GAMA SWP has made significant strides in improving public health, environmental sustainability, and community well-being.

By providing over 65,000 household toilets, over 600 modern schools and healthcare sanitation facilities, sewerage system enhancements, and water access to thousands of households, the project has set a benchmark for urban sanitation initiatives in Ghana.

Its success has garnered recognition from various sectors, including NGOs, media outlets, and engineering bodies.

Ing. Asiedu’s vision and dedication to thinking outside the box and collaborating with experts have propelled the GAMA project to new heights, showcasing the transformative power of innovative engineering solutions in addressing complex societal challenges.

The project’s impact extends beyond Accra and Kumasi, with calls for its replication nationwide, highlighting its potential to revolutionize sanitation practices across the country.

Moreover, in 2018, the umbrella body of NGOs and CSOs in Ghana awarded the project for being the most impactful over the decade. Building on this recognition, in 2023, the media in Kumasi also honored the project with another award, recognizing it as the most impactful WASH project, further solidifying its reputation for excellence and positive impact in the sector.

Source: Joseph Kobla Wemakor 

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