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Gambling on the Go: Casino Games for your Phone


Mobile casino games, widely popular applications among owners of smartphones and tablets, are the newest and easiest way to gamble online. As mobile casinos steadily grow in popularity, casino software and gaming companies are using the latest technology to produce the best game apps for your mobile devices.


Mobile Casino Games


The same games that are popular at online casino websites are also offered by their mobile counterparts. Among the wide selection of games available for mobile gaming are poker, particularly Texas Hold’em, blackjack, slots and roulette.


Poker is one of the most popular casino card games and Texas Hold’em its most popular form. To play online poker, you simply do what the pros do and bluff your way to the next winning pot. Players are dealt two cards, with five cards dealt into the center of the table as community cards. Bets are placed and players either raise or fold, attempting to make the best hand possible out of the seven cards available. The player with the best hand or the last one to fold wins the hand.


Blackjack is very popular online and play is the same as casino blackjack, with the object being to beat the dealer’s hand while staying under or hitting the number 21. Depending on the version you have downloaded, you can sit at a table with up to 10 other players.


Roulette was one of the very first casino games and it still has something to offer everyone in its high-tech mobile version. The game offers a wide range of betting options, you can bet on black or red, even or odd and any of the 36 numbers on the wheel, plus zero and double zero. Players have the chance to win big on the spin of the wheel; with column bets and even/odd bets paying out double and direct wins paying out at 35 to 1.


Mobile slot machines look and feel just like real casino slots and have bright, colorful themes, vivid graphics and all the bells, whistles and rattling reels from the casino gaming floor. Many mobile casino slots offer chances to win bonus spins, progressive jackpots and rack up multipliers on each spin. Some games also offer bonus play, a double-or-nothing round for guessing the secret symbol correctly.


Strategy games offer the best chance to win big money. Poker has a high win percentage, but you have to learn the game in order to be successful. Blackjack offers great win chances for those with sharp skills. Roulette has good odds, since the house has only a 2% advantage over you, so you have a real chance of winning a substantial sum. Slots are entirely a game of chance, but knowing the payouts can boost your chances of winning slightly, so look for games with payout tables.


Gambling on the Go


Trying your hand at mobile casino games is as simple as downloading the game apps and placing a bet. Promotions are frequent and varied, with many mobile casinos offering a variety of bonuses to attract new members; they typically include a no-deposit mobile casino bonus just for players to test out the site for the first time.

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