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GamStop Alternatives for South African Online Gamblers


It is not a surprise anymore that most online casinos and betting websites imply responsible gambling tools. Luckily, players become more and more aware of potential risks, and some, after losing money and feeling depressed, change their way towards gambling, choosing safe and responsible methods. 

Each country has an organization that provides responsible gambling tools, offers help, and educates gamblers on big risks and potential harm. If you are someone who has healthy habits and is not prone to overspend money and time playing games at casino websites, you can easily skip this article. However, there is a large number of players who require guidance and tools to limit their gambling time, protect their funds, and help them realize that gambling is a very serious activity that should be treated with precautions. 

Is the Gambling Addiction Rate High in South Africa?

Gambling addiction is a large concern in South Africa. According to one research, gambling addiction rates in South Africa are relatively high compared to global averages. Excessive gambling in the country leads to social and personal issues, which include financial problems, strained relationships, emotional distress, as well as addiction, criminal activities, and even suicide. 

Responsible Gambling Tools for South African Gamblers


Thankfully, there is a decent choice of alternatives to the GamStop self-exclusion program since this tool is available only for players in the UK. However, there are also casino sites for GamStop blocked users that allow British people to gamble without restrictions. So let’s take a look at the best and most effective programs that South African gamblers can access for free.  

National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP)

The program provides a self-exclusion program similar to the features that are almost similar to GamStop. South African gamblers have the chance to voluntarily exclude themselves from participating in gambling activities for a certain period of time. The NRGP also operates a toll-free helpline for individuals who seek help and advice. The line is strictly confidential and offers quality help for free. Local gamblers can be advised to see exports and enroll in treatment centers for effective treatment for problem gambling.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

GA is a global fellowship of individuals who struggle to manage gambling problems. The organization provides a supportive community which is safe. It implies gambling addicts gather to share problems and inspire others with their recovery journey. GA meetings take place regularly in various locations, including physical meetings in community centers, churches, and other venues, as well as online meetings, which can be useful for South African gamblers who can’t attend offline gatherings.

Responsible Gambling Council (RGC)

Even though the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is based in Canada, it offers useful resources and tools for responsible gambling that people from around the world can access. The organization provides a large number of educational sources that explain the signs of addiction and behaviors of individuals prone to gambling addiction and anonymity strived by casinos, as well as effective tools for treating the problem. 

Additional Methods for Responsible Gambling


Getting transparent information about the potential risks of each entertainment is a must. However, it is also vital to remember simple tips if you gamble every day:

  • Using prepaid cards instead of bank credit cards. This is a great way to control your spending and not exceed your limit. 
  • Setting limits on deposits, losses, and session durations. These are simple yet fantastic features that will help you control your behavior and remind you of healthy habits. 
  • Seeking advice on gambling does not bring joy. If you notice that gambling substitutes work and you see it as a way to earn money, you should immediately seek help. It often happens that gambling causes aggression, anxiety, depression, and family issues, not to mention financial problems. If you recognize that this activity brings you more negative emotions than positive, it is time to seek professional advice. It is also important to be open with your family and friends, as they can support you and be next to you if you are embarrassed to share your problem with experts. 

Being aware of the gambling addiction problem, as well as knowing what you can do to prevent the problem, are the keys to making the right choices. Gambling is not for everyone.

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