Kennedy Agyapong
Kennedy Agyapong

The comment by the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, that the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs Charlotte Osei, landed the job after offering sexual favours is “distasteful”, “offensive”, “abusive” and “derogatory”, noted the Ghana Bar Association (GBA).

According to the GBA, comments of this nature only derailed the impressive efforts Ghana had made in reducing discrimination against persons on grounds of gender, therefore, should not be countenanced in the country.

A statement issued by Mr Benson Nutsukpui, National President of the GBA, said: “The GBA finds the comments distasteful, offensive, abusive and derogatory, not only to, or of Mrs Osei, but also to women in general. Any impression that women who ascend to high office in the country do not do so on merit, alone, but on other grounds, should not be countenanced from any quarters, especially from persons who hold high office themselves and are presumed to know better.

“Ghana has made considerable progress with respect to the efforts to eliminate discrimination against persons on grounds of gender, among others, and to create equal opportunities for all. It is not in the interest of our country for these gains to be derailed or eroded, and for females to be compelled to shun accepting to serve in high office for fear of being subjected to such insults and abuse.

It added: “We, therefore, wish to condemn in the strongest terms possible, the disparaging comments made regarding the chairperson of the Electoral Commission. We find it unacceptable that any person, not least a person who holds such high office, should be subjected to such insults.

“We wish to caution the public to be circumspect with regard to the language we use on each other. The constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech should be exercised with circumspection, judiciousness, and prudence. Our language should not be abusive and should not be to discourage or intimidate people, particularly women, from aspiring and accepting to serve as public officials. Our language should not suggest that it is acceptable to insult women who ascend to high office in Ghana.”

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