Geewah and Bakilla thrills fans with new Afrobeats banger ‘Juice’

Geewah And Bakilla New
Geewah And Bakilla New

Geewah and Bakilla pique our interest with a heavenly Afrobeats record guaranteed to make your heart tick. The new song titled ‘Juice,’ drops alongside an equally edgy music video.

Afrobeats keeps getting better and songs like ‘Juice’ reiterate its timelessness. The song’s familiar yet invigorating tone captivates listeners from the first note, drawing them into a spellbinding world where the two artists reign supreme. Geewah’s Dancehall cadence and Bakilla’s honeyed melodies complement FeezeBeatz’s delightful production and there’s plenty to love beyond mere style.

They serenade with beautiful lyrics: “Smooth skin, sweet melanin, only you match my energy/You be my remedy, give me sweet melody. Put you on a pedestal, baby you a ten,” Geewah sings, adding more emotional depth to the song. Putting all that into perspective is a scenic video in sync with the song’s vibe. From vibrant indoor settings to cruising around town and chilling and at the beach, Great Elephant Records makes every moment count.

Don’t miss out on the full experience. Watch the entire video and let Geewah and Bakilla take you on a rhythmic journey.

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