Gender Minister warns soothsayers against making witchcraft accusations

Social Minister Witchcraft
Gender Minister speaks on Witchcraft accusation

Madam Lariba Zuweira Abudu, Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP), has said soothsayers in the communities have contributed significantly to accusing people of witchcraft misleading community members into taking foul actions.

She, therefore, cautioned soothsayers and the likes to desist from relating medical issues to witchcraft that led to the accusation of women as witches, adding that the law against witchcraft accusation was no respecter of persons.

She was speaking during a community dialogue on social protection at Gbullung, organised by the MoCGSP.

The dialogue, which was to educate communities on social protection issues, was held in communities in the Mion and Kumbungu districts of the Northern Region.

It engaged communities in social protection interventions, the Ministry’s roles and initiatives that enhanced social services and livelihoods.

Activities as part of the dialogue included sensitisation on trafficking, domestic violence, gender roles, witchcraft accusations and other human rights related issues.

Communities were educated on existing laws on social protection and the repercussions of breaking them.

The Minister said the Government and the Ministry were prepared to extend social protection services and interventions to all citizens.

Madam Bushira Alhassan, Northern Regional Director of the Department of Gender, said traditional leaders must mediate witchcraft allegation issues stating that traditional authorities had a vital role to play in preventing accusations.

“The chief’s palace is the first point of call when someone is being accused of witchcraft and the chief’s word determines the community’s next action.”

She noted that accused persons were sent to shrines for confirmation, usually because chiefs gave permission to do so.

She appealed to traditional authorities to intervene to prevent accused persons from being sent to shrines.

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