Georgia Salpa tweeted a picture saying: ‘Happy #NationalCleavageDay girls And boys x’

But with a voluptuous body like Georgia Salpa, it’s no surprise she shines on National Cleavage Day.

The Celebrity Big Brother star took to trusty Twitter to upload a snapshot of herself wearing nothing but a lacy black bra as she honoured the tradition which began a decade ago in 2002.

In the picture, Georgia looks like a cross between Kim Kardashian and a Barbie.

Her eyes appear doll like as her fake lashes enlarge their appearance, and the bubblegum pink lipstick tries to inject an air of innocence on the anything but image.

Georgia’s beloved hair extensions, which she was seen flipping this way and that throughout her stay in the CBB house, are placed strategically over one shoulder to showcase bouncy curls on the end.

The 26-year-old model accompanied the photograph with the caption: ‘Happy #NationalCleavageDay girls And boys x’.

Celebrity Big Brother star licked her ice-cream, relishing the attention from photographers

Hopefully the stunning picture is a metaphorical two fingers up to her haters, after Georgia revealed she has been the victim of nasty messages left on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

She told The Sun: ‘It’s all very weird and quite freaky. It started with constant crank calls and then they started tweeting me, I think they are the same guys.’

After involving the police, she posted a message online saying: ‘please STOP calling my apartment, You know who you are! #stalkeralert’, along with a link to Kanye West’s song Gold Digger.

Source Daily Mail


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