German prosecutor fines Bosch US$100.2 million in wake of diesel scandal


The German automotive supplier Robert Bosch GmbH has been fined 90 million euros (100.2 million U.S. dollars) in connection with the manipulation of diesel exhaust software, the public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart announced on Thursday.

The Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office said that the fine imposed on Bosch was a “penalty for negligent breach of the supervisory duty”.

Bosch announced that it was waiving its right to appeal the fine imposed by the German public prosecutor.

“The regulatory offense proceedings have been completed and the decision is final and unappealable,” read a statement from Bosch sent to Xinhua on Thursday.

The German automotive supplier noted that the investigations conducted by the Stuttgart authorities “against Bosch as a supplier of engine control units for diesel engines has been completed”.

Bosch said that it would “continue to expand its compliance organization continuously in order to minimize the risk of violations of applicable law occurring at the company”.

“The Bosch values must always be the benchmark for our actions,” Bosch chief executive officer (CEO) Volkmar Denner told Xinhua.

In its decision, the Stuttgart authority stated that Bosch had delivered approximately 17 million engine control units and metering control units to various domestic and foreign car manufacturers from 2008 onwards.

Some of these units had contained unauthorized software strategies which resulted in the modified vehicles emitting more nitrogen oxides than legally permitted.

The Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office would continue to investigate whether Bosch employees were “culpably involved” in designing and integrating the illegal software, an initiative that the authority assumed “came from the employees of the car manufacturers”.

The total fine imposed on Bosch consisted of a 2-million-euro fine for the administrative offence and a profit levy of 88 million euros, according to the Stuttgart public prosecutor.

Back at the beginning of May, the public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart had imposed a fine of 535 million euros on the Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche.

Last summer, the Brunswick public prosecutor’s office imposed a fine of 1 billion euros on Volkswagen and in the fall, the authorities in Munich followed suit and fined Audi 800 million euros. Enditem


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