Germans compete in ?Hipster Olympics?


Hundreds of youngsters took part in a quirky style competition in Berlin on Saturday in which they competed to hurl pairs of horn-rimmed spectacles the furthest and to design the best vintage moustache.

?The Hipster Olympics? ? held in Berlin for the second time ? both celebrate and mock a trendy subculture that has developed in Germany?s capital, along with other cities such as London or New York, as a counterweight to gentrification.

In one contest, brightly clad teams of three to five tried their luck at tug-of-war, substituting skinny jeans for a rope, while another offbeat task entailed bobbing for bubble tea pearls.

Athletic disciplines tapped into current fads, with one contest forcing youngsters to race across a course on top of crates of a popular carbonated drink.

According to Daniel Zoll, a 28-year-old radio station employee whose team won points for being the fastest racers in canvas bag sacks, hipsters are identifiable by their affinity for consumerism and fashion.

?But a true hipster is someone who doesn?t admit that he?s a hipster,? Zoll quipped, as he adjusted a red headband.

Laura Muia, 25, agreed that the hipster subculture is distinguished by the value its followers place on appearances.

?We?re all a bit hipster,? Muia said. ?Even if it?s just your watch that?s vintage.?

Other events of the day included ?The Price is Right?, in which contestants were asked to guess the value of various electronics popular in hipster circles, and ?Confetti Hurdles?, a game that involved transporting handfuls of colourful scraps of paper across an obstacle course without spilling them. (Editing by Andrew Osborn) REUTERS

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