Germany’s Pegida movement to demonstrate on Sunday

Germany's anti-Islam Pegida movement
Germany's anti-Islam Pegida movement

A group of leading members of Germany’s anti-Islam Pegida movement announced Monday that they are forming a new organization and that they plan to demonstrate on Sunday in the eastern city of Dresden.

Germany's anti-Islam Pegida movement
Germany’s anti-Islam Pegida movement

The new group, called Direct Democracy for Europe, said it plans to demonstrate on Sunday so as not to clash with the regular Monday demonstrations organized by Pegida, an acronym that translates as Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.

The announcement was made by Kathrin Oertel, a former Pegida spokeswoman.

Oertel left the group last week, citing differences over the future role of founder and former leader Lutz Bachmann, who resigned when pictures of him posing as Hitler appeared on the internet, and the need to differentiate from a hard-line Pegida offshoot in Leipzig.



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