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Ghana amongst countries with fixed, mobile internet speeds


Ghana is fast losing its place of pride as the country with one of the fastest mobile and fixed internet speeds in Africa, falling behind several Africa countries. 

Per the current global mobile and fixed internet speed test report by Ookla, Ghana rose up six places and ended at the 125th position out of 144 countries in the world on mobile internet speeds and fell one place down to the 113th position on fixed broadband speeds out of 181 countries.

In terms of the actual internet speeds, Ghana recorded 16.43megabit/second mobile internet speeds, and 39.26mbps fixed internet speed, both of which were a far cry from what other Africa countries recorded over the period.

At the 56th position mobile internet speeds in the world, South Africa is ahead of all African countries with 48.11mbps mobile internet speeds, while Egypt came in at the 82nd position in the world with with almost 63mbps fixed internet speed, which makes it number one in Africa.

There are 19 other Africa countries, which have better mobile internet speeds than Ghana. They include West African countries like Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Uganda, Senegal, and DR Congo. Even some more economically challenged countries like Somalia and Zimbabwe are doing better than Ghana on mobile internet speeds.

The other countries ahead of Ghana are Morocco, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Tanzania Kenya, Namibia, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Mozambique and Zambia, in that order.

On the fixed broadband side of things, Ghana is again trailing countries like DR Congo, Congo, Egypt, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso; but Ghana has a better fixed internet speed than Nigeria, Kenya, and several of the other African countries which are doing better on mobile broadband.

An industry expert comment to Techfocus24 that Ghana used to boast of having the fastest internet after the deployment of fibre optics infrastructure in the 2009/2010 era, but “it is now clear that our service providers are not using the fibre but employing wireless broadband, and sharing satellite resources provided by their foreign owners.”

Meanwhile, at the global level, United Arab Emirates (UAE) sits comfortably at the top of the mobile internet table with an impressive 302.38mbps mobile internet speed, while Singapore take the commanding lead in the fixed broadband space with 277.57mbps speed.

At the bottom of the mobile internet speed table is East Timor with 3.75mbps, while Cuba trails everyone else with 2.44mbps fixed broadband speed.

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