Ghana at 66: From Freedom to Slavery

Ghana at 66
Ghana at 66

Modern Ghana, founded by Kwame Nkrumah with JB Danquah as one of its main Architects and Paa Grant as a major financier of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) from which the Convention People’s Party (CPP) was birthed.

Modern Ghana with Kwame Nkrumah as the Unquestioned Founder with contributions from many others including JB Danquah, Paa Grant, Nii Kwabena Bonney, Sergeant Adjetey, Corporal Attipoe, Private Odartey Lamptey, E Ako Adjei, E Obetsi-Lapmtey, E Akufo-Addo, K.A Gbedemah, Awoonor Williams, W. Ofori-Atta, SD Dombo and many others.


Modern Ghana is 66 years old. Sixty-six years since it won a semblance of political independence from the imperialists from ‘Great’ Britain led by Kwame Nkrumah and his newly formed CPP. Many decades before the arrival of Kwame Nkrumah back to the shores of Modern Ghana from his studies and escapades abroad, another group named the Aborigines Right Protection Society (ARPS), originally established by some traditional leaders and led by John Mensah Sarbah had fought for our rights as a people (Gold Coasters) to our resources mainly, Land. The ‘Gold Coast’ Land was under a serious threat by those same imperialists from ‘Great’ Britain. Two Centuries before the return of Kwame Nkrumah ashore Modern Ghana, in a faraway land beyond the Pacific Ocean, a group had also risen to fight for their freedom from the imperialists from ‘Great’ Britain banishing from their land King George III in their quest to determine their future and be free of the dictates for a King so-called, finally declaring its official freedom on July 2nd 1776.


Ghana’s independence in this Year of Our Lord/New Era 2023 is an Oxymoron. Oxymoron is defined by Merriam Webster as a combination of contradictory or incongruous words; such as ‘cruel-kindness;’ Far from free and the semblance of political independence won by our forebears almost nonexistent. Ghana’s economy is in shambles, its finances depleted and actually on an active march into Economic Slavery. In Fact, many believe that Ghana is already in slavery currently ranked only above Sri Lanka whose president and family have fled the country to destinations unknown. How Ghana ended up in this mess is a long story known to most every Ghanaian adult, traceable to almost all governments in this 4th Republic. However, there is no doubt that our current status as economic slaves was/is confirmed and entrenched by this current NPP government in its second term. Coincidentally, some/most of the key family members of the ruling family are rumored to hold British passports; The Britain, (formerly Queen’s Land now King’s Land) from which many countries this world over had to literally fight to free themselves.


Ghana at 66 years is also under intense pressure mainly from descendants of those foreigners who took some of our ancestors away to foreign lands not as immigrants but to be used as something less than animals meting out extremely heinous treatments to them. It is equally true that those ancestors of ours who were shipped from our shores were mainly rounded up by their fellow black folks who saw the sale to the trader/merchant ashore as a great means to economic prosperity for themselves and families. Statistics has it that for every 1 person that arrived at the ‘New Land’ alive beaten and worn out, more than 5 were thrown into the sea. Similarly, their descendants are back ashore with another garbage called ‘Human Rights’ whatever that means with a bunch of Ghanaians as conduits who see an economic opportunity to spearhead it. If any country needs ‘Human Rights’ it is in Europe and many of the countries around the world where Blacks and many immigrants rank somewhere in between pet animals and plants. The so-called ‘Human Rights’ philosophy currently being spearheaded by some Ghanaians is nothing but a ruse just to get Ghanaians to buy into something more sinister and darker eventually. Just like the so-called ‘Holy Books’ which was brought to Africa and given to our ancestors only for the return ships to end up with everything from the African Lands except the ‘Holy Books.’ Currently the most viable means to economic prosperity in Ghana is through the use of the Bible/Quran to either scare or ‘convince’ many ‘willful fools’ to part away with whatever they deem precious including their hard-earned resources. No wonder members of the current ruling family decided that using a ‘National Cathedral’ as bait would succeed in siphoning precious Ghana cedis and dollars from the coffers of Ghana’s Treasury.


Fellow Ghanaians, at 66 years old, Ghana is broke; close to an ‘S-Hole Country’ as once described by an American President albeit with enormous potential and very energic and talented youth. Fellow Ghanaians, a SWOT Analysis of the threats to Mother Ghana’s freedom would actually depict the Ghanaian himself/herself, as the biggest threat to our dear nation and not the white man only following his interests with members of the president’s family led by the finance minister the Dishonorable Ken Ofori-Atta as the greatest of them all. Again at 66 years Ghana’s Independence is an Oxymoron. A country with no Patriotism; No jobs even for postgraduates; No jobs for all forms of labor both skilled and unskilled; Huge Indiscipline; A Youth who are increasingly losing hope in their country; and curiously a hub for all forms of garbage from other countries including terrorists, garbage ideologies, imported armed-robbers, murderers, other forms of criminals and much more. May Allah Rescue Us; ‘The Battle Is the Lord’s.’


In Honor of our almae matres/alma maters, Commonwealth Hall, PRESEC-LEGON, and Akosombo International School (A.I.S); And in remembrance of our dear brother Maxwell Adam aka Major Maxwell Mahama, son to Captain Adam from House No C.24 in a suburb of Akosombo called Mess who paid the ultimate price of death while serving his country. Truth Is Our Light.


God Bless Our Homeland Ghana. GYE NYAME!


By Fiifi Ofori

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