Ghana Cycling Federation Commends Prudential Life Insurance for PRURIDE 2024

Ghana Cycling
Ghana Cycling

The Ghana Cycling Federation has expressed its appreciation to Prudential Life Insurance for hosting the fifth edition of PRURIDE 2024, held at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Led by Vice President Riyahd Mohammend and Deputy Secretary General Joseph K Addo, the federation executives attended the launch event, underscoring their pride in being associated with such a significant cycling initiative.

Joseph Addo, speaking on behalf of the Cycling Federation (GCF), lauded Prudential Life for consistently promoting cycling in Ghana, noting its positive impact on the sport’s popularity nationwide.

“Since 2019, Prudential has been steadfast in bolstering interest in cycling in Ghana,” remarked Mr. Addo. “We commend Carbon AV and our primary sponsor, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, for organizing this annual cycling event aimed at promoting health, wellness, and raising awareness about cycling as a sport. This aligns with our mission to foster and advance cycling across various domains, including transportation, recreation, and competitive sports.”

He emphasized the significance of cycling in global sustainable development efforts and called upon corporate Ghana to support underfunded sports like cycling.

“This event will feature participation from the National Cycling Federations of Togo, Benin, and Nigeria,” he added, highlighting its potential role in nurturing cyclists for future events such as the LA2028 Olympic Games and the Tour De France, aspirations shared by cycling federations worldwide.

Mr. Addo assured Prudential Life Insurance of robust participation and enhanced security measures at this year’s PRURIDE, anticipating a successful and impactful event for all involved.

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