Ghana Does Not Import US$400M Worth Of Tomatoes From Burkina Faso

Tomatoes Importation

The Breakdown of the Facts

1. FAOSTAT: Latest Data on Tomatoes Production in West Africa (Tonnes)

1. Nigeria (3,693,722)
2. Ghana (368,920)
3. Niger (344,325)
4. Benin (261,103)
5. Mali (233,705)
6. Senegal (135,410)
7. Cote d’Ivoire (47,283)
8. Burkina Faso (21,369)
9. Sierra Leone (19,746)
10. Cape Verde (12,474)
11. Togo (5,214)
12. Liberia (4,045)

Per the data from the Website of FAOSTAT, Ghana produces about seventeen (17) times more tomatoes than Burkina Faso.

2. a. TRIDGE: 2021 Top twelve (12) Global Exporters of Tomatoes

1.Mexico ($2.54B)
2.Netherlands ($2.04B)
3.Spain ($1.16B)
4.Morocco ($1.11B)
5.France ($500.80M)
6.Canada ($472.59M)
7.China ($435.94M)
8.Turkey ($360.74M)
9.United States ($318.76M)
10.Belgium ($302.58M)
11. Italy ($173.8M)
12. Azerbaijan ($160.2M)

The World’s Top Exports website also Carries the Same Figures above

b. OEC: 2020 Top Five (5) Global Exporters of Tomatoes

1. Mexico ($2.62B)
2. Netherlands ($1.82B)
3. Spain ($1.11B)
4. Morocco ($852M)
5. Canada($448M)

Per the data from the websites of Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), Tridge and World’s Top Exports, if it was true that Burkina Faso exports $400m worth of tomatoes to Ghana, a value very close to the annual global tomatoes export value of Canada (fifth & sixth largest global exporter of tomatoes for 2021 & 2022); US$448m & US$472.59M and greater than that of Belgium (tenth largest global exporter of tomatoes); US$302m, then why is Burkina Faso not part of the top twelve (12) largest tomatoes’ exporters in the World.

3. World’s Top Imports: 2021 Top Twenty-Five (25) Global Importers of Tomatoes

1. United States: ($2.9B)
2. Germany: (1.7B)
3. France: ($817.2M)
4. U.K : ($622.4M)
5. Russia: ($482.3M
6. Netherlands: ($397.3M)
7. Canada: ($321.5M)
8. Poland: ($318.6M)
9. Spain: ($185M)
10. Sweden: ($183M)
11. Iraq: ($160.2M)
12. Saudi: ($159.6M)
13. Italy: ($159.5M)
14.Romania. ($134.6M)
15.Czech Republic ($122.7M)
16. Belgium. ($115.9M)
17. Switzerland. ($108.7M)
18. U.A.E. ($105.8M)
19. Austria. ($95.5M
20. Denmark. ($89.7M)
21. Bulgaria. ($80.2M)
22. Finland. ($75.5M)
23. Norway. ($69.2M)
24. Ukraine. ($63.0M)
25. Pakistan. ($59.6M)

Per the data from the website of World’s Top Imports, if it was true that Ghana alone imports $400m worth of tomatoes from Burkina Faso, then why is Ghana not part of the top six (6) largest tomatoes’ importers in the World.

In conclusion, with the analysis of the available facts sourced from the aforementioned credible international organizations; Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), Tridge, World’s Top Exports and World’s Top Imports, which can be easily verified from their respective websites, Ghana does not import tomatoes worth US$400m from Burkina Faso, it is a falsehood, concocted and a palpable lie. The story must therefore be condemned and totally disregarded in entirety.

Hhhmm, May God be praised always


Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

Eugene Owusu Bempah (Simbol)

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