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Ghana has disastrously been managed

President Mahama
President Mahama

Everything on the ground evidently indicates that Ghana has disastrously been managed, and continues to be, by President Mahama and his NDC government and party. In spite of all the public clamouring about President Mahama?s mismanagement of Ghana with the consequential socio-economic hardships brought to bear upon the masses, he teasingly preferably buries his head in the sand like an ostrich. He says, ?I am a dead goat. A dead goat is insensitive to knife?. It does not matter how it?s flayed or cut up because it is dead and does not feel any pain.

President Mahama
President Mahama

The same President is on record to have said, ?Ghanaians have a short memory?. He has made many serious statements, all in attempts to tell Ghanaians he does not give a hoot about their worries, complaints and agitations. Such pronouncements go to confirm his willingness to do as he wants when he wants, without the fear of anyone. You, just look at how he dances with relish to Daddy Lumba?s rendition of ?Yen ntie obiaa? with his like-minded Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

With all the ?dumsor? that is collapsing businesses and industries in Ghana; the substitute electric generators purchased by individuals who have the means to possess them causing deaths through emission of carbon monoxide; armed robbers availing themselves of the power crisis to inflict maximum robberies and death on unfortunate Ghanaians, the President still believes in winning election 2016 hands down.

The NDC are vociferously insisting on winning election 2016. With all the unprecedented near-institutional corruption, dubious judgment debt payments and all the ?create, loot and share? policies masterminded by the Mahama-led NDC government to impoverish mother Ghana, they are very convinced that Ghanaians will still vote massively to re-elect them come 2016 elections. This is all because, Ghanaians are mostly ?enye hwee, fa ma Nyame? people hence having a short memory. They are quick to forgive and forget all in the name of God.

This seemingly negative attitude of Ghanaians is what President Mahama with his cronies and NDC party have capitalised on to fearlessly exploit Ghanaians hence embezzling public funds to the hilt.

Come 2016, Ghanaians will soon forget the pains, loss of jobs, collapse of businesses and all the economic hardships they have faced over the years under President Mahama?s administration if their hands were greased with few Cedi pads, kilos of rice, tins of sardine, machetes etc. These offers of incentives are short term measures, if not one-day or one-week wonder to play on our intelligence to vote them back into power, then the revisit of the hardships in double measure.

The NDC are vivaciously commenting on the recent internal wrangling in NPP brought about by the two suspected moles in NPP, Kwabena Agyepong and Paul Afoko, the General Secretary and Chairman, respectively. They are accusing Nana Akufo Addo of incapability to govern Ghana if he cannot resolve what they claim as petty divisive squabbles within his NPP party.

Please fellow Ghanaians, do not fall for the usual evil machinations by the NDC. Governing a nation, if you are an honest, dedicated and dynamic President is much easier than at times resolving one?s own family problems. If you are a President, you can command as may be permitted by the Constitution or even much easier if you happened to be a dictator. Of course, I do not prescribe dictatorship for any country but this submission is for argument sake.

The President can HIRE and DISMISS anyone according as he sees appropriate. This power of hire and dismiss vested in the president in running the affairs of a country instils fear and sense of discipline in those that he employs. However, no president can hire and dismiss members of his family when it comes to family affairs. He has to deal with arising family problems comparatively judiciously.

Similarly, the current state of Nana Akufo Addo does not bestow on him the power to dismiss Kwabena Agyepong and Paul Afoko unless the entire leadership of NPP decides, exactly as they have started. Nana is a flagbearer so NDC should get this point clear. He will be the best leader if elected.

Please Ghanaians, do not get fooled by the NDC, the architects of propaganda; hollow in substance and intelligence when it comes to governance, but experts in acts of corruption and twisting of truth. They have mismanaged Ghana, raped mother Ghana in broad daylight by their corruption and are permanently underestimating the intelligence of Ghanaians. Let us tell them ?enough is enough?.

?There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting? ? Bhudda. Let us unite. Let us go all the way to vote the NDC out of power come December 2016. Don?t let them continue to fool all of us all of the time.

Source: Rockson Adofo

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