Ghana is afflicted with an unusual spate of lies from officialdom. It appears to have originated from the propaganda which is a policy of the ruling party. As a political blemish, it is eroding the confidence level of Ghanaians in the presidency and government as a whole.

Lies have become an attribute heavily guarded by government-paid hounds who foul the political atmosphere with mendacious achievements and projects which never come to fruition as they hop from radio station to radio station.

Many factors account for the respectability which an individual or a corporate entity, such as a country, earns.

One of these factors is verity or truthfulness. When this critical attribute is lost to a corporate entity through persistent lies and untenable promises, the repercussions are farfetched.

When a government earns the ignominious attribute of lying or not being truthful, it loses not only respect, but the support of the people from whom they derive the power they wield as political leaders at the helm.

For the past years since the NDC assumed the reins of government, their inclination towards propaganda and lies has assumed a telling dimension.

A couple of days or so ago, a former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof. Stephen Adei, described the President and his ministers as a bunch of liars. The bluntness with which he put forth his impression matched his conviction. As a sentiment shared by most Ghanaians, it is a challenge we must tackle.

We wish such a negative attribute was not associated with the Presidency, given its effect on the corporate image of government within and without the country.

From the phantom creation of thousands of jobs for Ghanaians to the falsification of fiscal figures at the World Bank, the list of lies from officialdom is endless.

We have observed how in their efforts to support previous lies, government appointees have had to put out more untruths. We are under the circumstances, incredulous of any promise or remarks emanating from government sources.

There have been so many lies told Ghanaians that the originators of such mendacious remarks continue to think that they are being believed, even when they are no longer being believed.

The government is currently struggling in an abortive effort to convince Ghanaians to bear with it in the face of a biting energy crisis. The statements explaining why we must contain the current regime of power rationing have been reduced to derision.

The truth about why we cannot have adequate power supply is yet to be told us. Until we know the reality, we would take anything from the mouth of the President and his lieutenants with buckets of salt.

Our economy is in shambles and we all know it. In spite of this fact, government appointees, including the President, look Ghanaians in the face and tell them all is well.

Turning round to subtly admit that the country has turned the corner and so all must sacrifice smacks of insincerity ? part of the mendacity and propaganda the country is mired in.

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