Ghana is suffering from developmental Kwashiorkor – Part II

Ghana's Gold
Ghana's Gold



Worst of it all is that instead of working towards their so called better Ghana Agenda which has fallen into a deep ditch they are trying to use the 2012 Election petition by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as yardstick as if the whole economy was driven to the Supreme Court that is why nothing seem to be working and our economic hardships have rapidly grown from bad to worst.

It saddens my heart any time I try to think about how God has blessed Mother Ghana and our leaders have not in any way put in an effort to use our God-sent natural resources for the benefit of the average Ghanaian who can?t afford a square meal a day.

They only think of making their lives better off at the expense of the electorates who voted for them that is why they would increase their salaries and will backdate payment on areas and the common worker whose monthly salary is only from hand to mouth would be denied his/her salary areas all in the name of there is no money in our coffers because the flesh of the meat has been chopped to the bone.

The cedi depreciation was also attributed to the increase of story buildings in the country and Charms by fetish priest who uses dwarfs in their incantations. God save Mother Ghana, so the cedi can only appreciate when we stop building story buildings. It is rather unfortunate when people whom we voted for to fix the economy look indifferent about the welfare of the suffering masses.

We are in the end time indeed, no wonder they feed fat while tax-payers grow lean. It is a pity! When it was captured on tape a whole deputy minister of communication as saying she wants to get only one million dollars before she quits Politics. What have Ghanaians done wrong to deserve this unfair treatment?

Even though government and his officials have not shown any clear-cut policy direction, with regards to a number of issues and it is about time Ghanaians make it a duty to demand explanations and accountability from those leading them. It is clear that the current administration lacks colour, style, ambience, aura, charm and charisma. They also lack the courage and experience to look for lasting solutions to problems confronting us as a nation. TO BE CONTINUED

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