Ghana Link Shoots Down Local Cement Manufacturers’ Claims


Nana Asamoah Boadu, Managing Director of Ghana Link Network Services Limited, a Destination Inspection Company (DIC) in Ghana has rebuffed claims by the Local Cement Manufacturers Association, that his outfit is aiding importers of cement products to collapse the Ghanaian market.
Trainer-Mark-Goodger-Ahmed-Akar-Ahmed-Nana-Asamoah-BoaduNana Asamoah Boadu in an exclusive interview revealed that Ghana Link is always going according to the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules for verification and hence is not doing anything contrary to set rules and regulations in the industry.
He was reacting to allegations made by Local Cement Manufacturers Association that Ghana Link Network Serves, a destination inspection company, which is overseeing the importation of cement products from countries including China for being the brain behind the problems local manufacturers are facing.
According to the Association, there have been instances of manipulation of Import Values leading to the undercutting in their FOB and FCVR values, which in real terms allow importers to sell their products cheaper in the market to the detriment of local manufacturers.
But according to Nana Asamoah Boadu it could be true that FOB and FCVR may vary but that depends on price quotation and final investigation by Ghana Link at the supplier?s end to ascertain whether the price being quoted by the customer/importer confirms what is in their database.
According to him, Ghana Link always conduct investigation into price quotations received from importers so as to ascertain the veracity of the figures they are presenting before final valuation is done.
He further noted that, the final say is left to CEPS to determine whether the FCVR value that Ghana Link arrived at for a particular product imported should or should not be paid by the importer.
?You see it is CEPS that determines whether an importer should pay the FCVR value we provided or not, CEPS can either allow them to pay that or pay even less than what we provided,? he said.
He however suggested a regime where there could be a benchmark for valuing products like cement from China, this he said could help solve the seeming misunderstanding within the business environment and ensure fair play.

He noted that Ghana Link has facilitated trade through modern efficient and rapid verification of all imported goods on arrival to the country and this process is gradually eliminating opportunities for fraud, fiscal evasion and price discrimination.
He maintained that Ghana Link Network Services? activities are geared towards supporting the Customs and Excise Department of the NRA to realize trade facilitation through faster clearance of goods out of Customs that are charged by compliant importers and their component and also the combating of commercial fraud through the use of Transaction Price Database (TPD).

Nana Asamoah Boadu said one very common difficulty that confronts most economies of sub-Saharan Africa is their inability to capture and monitor statistics, especially those which relate to international trade transactions. This situation stems from a number of reasons including the lack of the appropriate infrastructure for the management of the trade sector, he said.

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