European Union
European Union

Ambassador William Hanna, Head of European Union (EU) Delegation to Ghana, has advised companies to make good use of the opportunity to indulge in free trade with the Union (EU), for sustainable development.

European Union
European Union

Giving the advice at a media interaction in Accra, Ambassador Hanna said, it was prudent for the country to compete for more investors due to its strong relationship with the Union.

The Ambassador stressed that Ghana has enjoyed effective partnership with the EU, and his outfit was therefore committed to increase the relationship to sustainable development.

He noted that the EU has pledged its support to preserve and improve the environment, as well as ensure sustainable management of natural resources, including fisheries.

Ambassador Hanna stressed the need to promote a mutual beneficial partnership of joint interest, instead of expecting a one-way support from another country.

?No investor would want to invest in a country where there are no potential prospects, since the primary aim of any investor is to make profit?.

The Ambassador indicated that banana is a commodity that can be used to generate huge sums of profit for the nation on the world market.

He advised authorities to consider prioritizing in the manufacturing sector, export more goods and services, and create jobs to promote economic development.

Mr. Hanna stated that the aim of the EU-Ghana partnership was to promote peace and security in the region, support sustainable economic and social development and to develop trade and industry.


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