Ghana must rise! Future leaders must not keep mute!!


Over the years, our system of education as a country, Ghana, has remained static and It’s high time our leaders re-look at it. Some of the programmes that are offered at the basic, second cycle, and tertiary institutions respectively are archaic and should be reconsidered.

This is an appeal to the president of the Republic of Ghana, the head of Ghana Education Service (GES), and the various stakeholders who can make these changes in the education system. We claim to be in a fast-changing world and that of a technological world. That is great and so true but what I don’t seem to understand is that our system of education is out of date and does not complement the new era. We are not matching up the pace at which the world is changing.

The world is far older than our system of education. We are lagging behind and we need to catch up as a country. The blatant truth is that this system of education encourages the “chew and pour” way of learning and so if you are not good at that, then you are a lazy student. We have a lot of uneducated graduates in the system with degrees but without the needed skills and training for the job market.

For ages, we’ve been taught how to write letters which I believe it’s good. I don’t dispute the fact that letter writing should be taught in our Junior High and Senior High schools but I believe it must be revised.

“Education is good but how good is it if you spend your whole life learning unnecessary things? Focus your education on your passion.”

This quote keeps resounding in my mind that it makes me feel we are learning so many things that may not be needed now and even in the afterlife.

When was the last time you wrote “FRIENDLY LETTER?” or even received one from a friend? This was needful some time ago but not now yet we keep punishing students for not being able to comprehend how to write friendly letters or informal letters, something they may not practice in the real world. Letter writing should be taught in schools but I believe we should teach students writing of letters that they will actually write in the real and modern world, not letters that will only give them grades.


Mr. President, the Director of GES, and leaders who can affect these changes in our syllabus, you all agree with me that writing of letters to our parents, uncles, and aunties are all archaic. Those days when we had no other means of communication and that before someone could speak with a friend or family member he or she had to wait for days and even sometimes weeks, that was when the informal and semi-formal letters were needed but now, they are archaic.

In fact, I believe the only type of letter writing that is needed now is the “FORMAL LETTER” but the sad news is that we are not properly taught how to write it. Most graduates would have to go online and do “copy and paste” of the letters of others and edit it afterward before he or she can write a letter of application for employment. Isn’t this sad? And this is just a bit of the gigabyte of issues facing our system.

Ghana must rise

There are so many junks in our syllabus, that needs to be scrapped out if we want citizens with quality education and not just degrees. Come to the universities and see students lamenting not because they don’t want to be schooled but because they are being schooled for the wrong purpose. Because of this and many more reasons that is why I say, GHANA MUST RISE!!! FUTURE LEADERS MUST NOT KEEP MUTE!!!

By: BizBigeB

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