No I don?t think so! National Service Scheme is one of the major tools for promoting nationalism among the youth for national development. But if care is not taken, it will fail to achieve its purpose.National Service Scheme

I am therefore calling on National Service Secretariat and all stakeholders to review the scheme such that national service persons receive their first allowance upon registration, or service personnel should be given start-up allowance to leverage the initial hardship they go through at their stations before they resume work.

This is to cater for transportation cost, room rent, clothing and other necessities for work. This is because some people must travel from one district or region to the other which becomes a burden for most individuals since they have to travel away from homes, get accommodation, furnishing, pay utilities, cater for food and clothes. ALL THESE INVOLVES MONEY. You will agree with me that over the years the prices of things keep increasing in this economy.These things become a major challenge for most service personnel and hence refuse to accept their postings and put a lot of pressure on officials to influence postings and re-postings.

I believe that if allowance is given before the start of work this will reduce pressure on government officially, family and other relatives to influence postings. It will also reduce bribery and corruption of some ?officials? who demand money to manipulate and influence national service postings.


Vera Addo

Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES Ghana)

[email protected]


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