Beyond 1957 independence, Ghanaian nurses & midwives have either through the rain/sun shine worked tirelessly to make sure Ghana’s work force is very healthy and strong.

Sometimes these caregivers will have to be on their feats all night long to safe mothers and babies lives at the same time (safe delivery), regardless of complications these tasks posses to them physically in future/ after retirement.

We (Nurses and midwives) put our lives on the line to remediate all forms of emergency cases to alleviate pain and restore lives regardless of the numerous infectious risks we young men and women put ourselves into.

Sometimes we (nurses & midwives) neglect the series of occupational hazards and put our lives in the peak of dangers just to reach out clients and care for them. We wade through and across river bodies despite potential poisonous reptiles in these river bodies,all in the name of bringing health care to the doorstep of Ghanaians in the hinterlands.

As Ghanaian citizen and caregivers(nurses/midwives), we do all these tirelessly to ensure Ama-Ghana is free from TB,Guinea worm infestation, Polio, Tetanus, Trachoma, just to mention few….What do we see now?

We feel sad and heart broken any time we see our fellow colleague Nurses and midwives on the media soliciting for funds to cure a condition he/she acquired in line of duty.

The worse part is when we retire from active service and we can’t afford to petty ill cost.
AmaGhana totally neglect our health as if we never contributed our quota to the nation’s health. This is really heartbreaking in our home land Ghana.

We have nurse & midwives who are perishing in I’ll health and wallowing in frustration. Some with severe Eye & brain tumors,numerous cancer forms,several health conditions which demand urgent treatment to safe ourlives but for funds most of these victims are left at the mercy of emotional touchers and death. …Oh Ghana,what did we do wrong to deserve such treatment from you?

The current system in most hospitals across the country is also that,if the caregiver is not careful and do not have fund for insurance top-ups,he/she should forget treatment anytime he/she falls ill..

This is the cry of the poor caregiver over Ghana. … who listen to us??
… who begin this sensitive initiative?

As if Ama Ghana can’t afford,,,,
Ghana offers free medical care to its numerous Military services personnels,Police services personnel’s, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Cocoa board Ghana, The Tema Harbour Security personnels’, GHAPOHA, SSSNT, State Oil Refinery & mining workers,GBC,Our politicians,Parliamentarian, etc.

Some of them are additionally on medical care allowances.Those that foot their bills by themselves retrieve them back from the state with receipts.The state houses all these people and care for them and their immediate families’ medically free of charge.

To the extent of putting some on life support machines and give every possible care free of charge and if the need be,fly them off shores for treatment, all by the state. Woow, so motivating!


This is total arrant breach of fairness to us(Nurses & Midwives-Ghana)
Ghana,why can’t the caregiver be entitled to at least the free medical care privilege?

Our plea:
*Passionately,we by this humble write-ups appeal & draw the attention of His Excellency The President of the Republic of Ghana,Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to this ancient historic oversight yet needful “care” for our gallant all-weather hardworking caregivers and life savers.

*That: Your Excellency,Lets roll all nurses/midwives on the free medical service scheme so we care for the nation all our heart out

*A Nation that neglect its caregivers has no working force, and a nation without healthy workforce is doomed forever

By : Yaw Citizen,
Chairman (GRNMA)
Ejisu-Juaben Municipal/Free Health Care Campaign Member.


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