Ghana Olympic Committee Celebrates Olympic Day with Nima School Children

Goc Fd Copy
Goc Fd Copy

The Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) will mark International Olympic Day at the Nima Cluster of Schools on June 26th, 2024.

This year’s theme, ‘Let’s Move And Celebrate,’ aims to inspire enthusiasm for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games through active participation in sports.

Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah, President of the GOC, highlighted the event’s collaboration with the French Embassy in Ghana and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to promote health awareness among children and youth. Emphasizing the importance of regular exercise, social interaction, and balanced diets, he encouraged youth involvement in diverse sports beyond football, including basketball, swimming, athletics, and more.

The celebration also underscores the significance of Olympism, sportsmanship, volunteerism, and understanding the roles of IOC, GOC, and other sports organizations.

Mr. Mensah urged the media to support initiatives that engage youth in sports and recognized the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics as a milestone in achieving gender parity in sports.

Established in 1948, Olympic Day commemorates Pierre de Coubertin’s founding of the IOC in 1894. With this year’s Games set in Coubertin’s birthplace, the event highlights the unifying power of sports on a global scale.

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