Ghana Police Accused Of Overstepping Their Bounds

Some drivers have accused the Police of continuous harassment on the road, demanding items such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers and in some cases cutlasses, drivers say is becoming unbecoming and unacceptable.

Ghana Police
Ghana Police

According to the drivers, failure to produce these, the police will delay you for hours and even threaten to process you to Court.

Ghana Police
Ghana Police
They said the action by the police would compel you to part with some money or you’re your vehicle would be impounded and would also be threatened with Court action.

According to them, what worry them most is that when they are sent to the Court, the presiding judge only considers the charges preferred against them on the charge without any lawyer to defend them with their only defense being either to say ‘’ I am guilty’’ or ‘’ not guilty.’’

They said majority of commercial drivers do not have any formal education and would therefore be found wanting under such circumstance, culminating in the situation where drivers will prefer to pay something to the police, rather than been sent to the Court.

Some of the drivers who narrated the ordeal they go through at the hands of the police to Newsghana.Com said though the even First Aid kits are meant to contain petty medical items such as cotton wool, plaster injection violet, methanol spirit and gauze to treat minor cases such as cuts and also paracetamol for treatment of unexpected headaches, but the police in most cases go to the extent of asking for other medical drugs that drivers are not required to carry in the first aid kits, and failure to provide them would mean you either you pay your way through or face threat of Court action.

Orders said sometimes during checks on the road, the police would even ask the driver of his cutlasses.

According to one of the drivers, he once asked the police officer what he would use the cutlass for in his vehicle, but the police officer got furious at him and asked him in return that when meets a falling tree on the road what would he use to chop the tree to enable him continue his journey.

He said because of the question he asked the police officer, he was delayed for over two hours before he was allowed to go after he has parted with some money.

Another driver told Newsghana.Com that he was once arrested by the police for having what the police said was an inferior fire extinguisher, which according to the driver it was bought by his car owner on the recommendations of personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service.

According to him, he therefore called his car owner who in turn contacted officials of the Fire Service who confirmed to the police officer that the fire extinguisher is the recommended type for the vehicle.

These and other circumstances, some say is overstepping of the bounds by the police.

Checks at the Ghana National Fire Service by Newsghana.Com on the matter indicate that inspection of fire extinguishers is the prerogative of officials of the Fire Service and the police because they have the training and expertise to determine the type of extinguishers that drivers should carry in their vehicles.

The source at the Fire Service therefore expressed regret why the police have taken that prerogative upon themselves, instead of collaborating with the Fire Service to carry out such checks on vehicles.

By: Robert Ayanful

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  1. I was asked by a police officer on 2-10-2019 to test if my fire extinguisher is in good working oder, extinguisher failed to work, so my drivers license was retained. I was asked to come the next day 3-10-2019 the officer told me he will sent me to court so we went but the court did not seat and I was asked by the officer to come on 7-10-2019.


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