Ghana Police Has Been Phenomenal To Ghana,s Peace Polls

Ghana Police
Ghana Police

Is it not intriguing that since the elections were brought to a close, no indefinable group, political, civil society or otherwise, has organised a single press conference to pat the Ghana Police Service on the back to say thank you for a good job done before, during and after the December 7th 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections?

Ghana Police
Ghana Police

Should it always be the case that these groups will jump on the back of the service and hop from one media house to the other to lambast the police when they think the service got wrong in discharging its constitutional mandate but keep mute when the service does an excellent job?

It appears that almost all of the sudden, people have forgotten how tensed up everybody was when the elections was drawing near just because of the cloud of uncertainty that filled the atmosphere in the whole of Ghana?

Have we all of the sudden forgotten the peace messages that filled our airwaves and the so called peace industry that came with it?

Why are we behaving as if we are people with short memories?

Have the Ghanaian people soon forgotten how they were praying for things to come to pass easily without troubles, injuries, loss of lives, displacement and possible crisis situation?

So soon, because things worked out peacefully without incidence of insecurity, trouble and fear, those who were calling for even handedness, tact and balance of security between all political and state actors have forgotten how the Ghana police service was able to achieve this feet.

Had things gone bad, touch wood, I am sure we would have been waking up to different kinds press conferences upon press conferences chiding the police for not acting professionally in one way or the other.

But thank God that everything went well and everybody is going about his business without hindrance or fear.

I think it is high time our political parties and civil society learn to accord the Ghana police service the due credit when they get things right like it happened on Wednesday December 7th Ghana’s big decision day.

If the Ghanaian people learn to care about the police and correct them when they have to correct them, praise them when they have to praise them when they get things right, we will be moving towards a society that will make us the envy of our neighbours and the world as a whole.

It is my believe that when the police is supported, they will always produce excellent results.

Let the Ghanaian people care more about the police and, they will get incredible results they want always desire.

Success they say is sweet, but it is even more sweeter when it is attained through manifold struggles through the collective efforts of all stakeholders.

The peace ship was long in coming and at a point in time many thought it was going to elude us but with the excellent support of the Ghana Police Service the entire nation was able to swim to safety.

Don’t the Ghana Police Service deserve a thunderous applause from the people of Ghana for keeping this nation together after a keenly contested election whose stakes were very very high for all the parties contesting?

The Ghana Police Service has grown and is undoubtedly wrapping shoulders with the rest of the world when it comes to international best practices in policing, one that the Ghanaian people can always take credit for and also expect the best going forward.

Many were those who said the Ghanaian people should psych themselves up for the worst but to the glory of God, the Ghana Police Service weathered the tough storm and produced excellent results for all of us.

Now, the time has come for all of us to capitalize on the excellent work the service has done and urge them to improve on the standards that produced what has come to be known as one of the most peacefully organised elections since the country returned to constitutional rule in 1992.

This year, the service proved that it will not always follow titles in carrying out its work but ,uphold courage and professionalism.

Although, prior to the election day itself, there were certain issues that the service could have handled very well which it failed to, but overall, the service deserves to be given an “A” for such sterling performance.

Many families and households around the country who had their sons and daughters in the service who were going to be part of the election duties feared they will be conquered but to the glory of God once again, they overcomed fear and defeat.

That success was the result of considerable planning by the police administration who took the right steps that produced the best results.

To the officers and men of the service whose good behaviour ensured that we got here peacefully, may your reward not only be in heaven but right here on earth whilst you exist and serve our nation.

Our reward cannot be quantified and does not have any monetary value…


It I can assure you it has the power to purchase the hearts of the million of Ghanaians who have always criticised us for our work.

Good Morning

Mohammed Abdul Hanan EL-Saeed
Chiraa Police Station
Sunyani District/BA

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