Ghana Sports Authority Is Being Dragged Into A Ditch

The Sinking Sports Authority Under Joe Kpenge.


The current management of the Sports Authority led by Joe kpenge, the Director General is drowning Ghana’s Sports Steadily.


It is sad to note that in the administration and management of the National Sports Authority competence, hardworking and performance has no place .

Rather sports is run on a powerful network holves around NPP faithfuls to the dismay and disappointment of members of the ruling party consequently the running of sports Authority can be simply described as square pegs in round holes.

Currently the body mandated to run and develop sports in Ghana is undoubtedly a fertile ground for powerful and influential people to make millions of cedis to the detriment of Ghana’s sports and sadly poor workers of the National Sports Authority to cite just few in these paragraphs.

1. Running of sports Authority without recourse to law and procedures. Joe Kpenge it appears to have formulated new sports laws.

2. His aim was Public Private Partnership and since is unable to achieve that he is now collapsing the place out of frustration and lack of ideals. As a result the followings

1 The Authority needs Director General with good sports background and good vision, which the current Director General lacks. his decisions and judgement on sports issues and general administrative issues are mostly wrong and leaves much to be desired

2 Poor Management of the stadia facilities: under the leadership of Mr. Kpenge the stadia facilities especially the Accra Sports Stadium are in deplorable condition. the scoreboards are broken down, the floodlights are not in good condition, the green grass is now brown grass.

the sprinklers which are used in watering the pitch are not functioning,most of the electrical gadgets and fittings at the stadium are broken down, water pumps and other plumbing material are either broken down or stolen the metal steel structure of the stadium has corroded and appear to be a death trap.

instead of concentrating his effort at maintaining the facilities he rather pursue things that would inure to his personal and selfish interest. how can such facilities be left in such a deplorable state when these facilities can be harnessed into making millions of Ghana cedis . what a leader! if proactive measures are not taken immediately the sports authority will collapse. currently monies generated internally from the hiring of the stadium and the use of the gym at the stadium which has massive patronage bring in lots of funds but only God know how these monies are being used. During the first and second quarter of 2015, mr.

kpenge claimed he was using a hired vehicle pontiac vibe for official work and therefore the Authority has to pay huge amount of money every month about $ 40.00 per day for the vehicle. However it was disclosed that the vehicle in question belonged to the wife. further the corporate boxes and stores at the stadium are not being put to proper use as most occupants are using the facilities free of charge only he Joe Kpenge can tell about the contractual agreement.

3 Indifferent attitude toward Staff welfare: it is unfortunate that under Mr. Kpenge who boasts of Human resource practician ( HR expert) has worsened the conditions of service of the staff of the sports Authority. has failed to address post migration challenges of the placement of staff unto the single spine salary structure of which the Union has done a good work through a proposal submitted to him to take up the issue with Fair Wages. To deepen the woes of staff mr. Kpenge has decided to freeze staff promotion and for the past five six years hard and deserving staff have been stagnated against their poor salaries. as if that were not enough the only staff accommodation facility at Azumah Nelson complex which accommodate about 30 staff mostly junior staff are being ejected by mr. kpenge . the sad aspect is that it is not the case that Sports Authority has got the needed funding to develop the hostel.meanwhile close source has it that Mr. Kpenge was in touch with a consortium for 20,000,000 dollar unofficial deal kown to Mr. Kpenge and Eric Nkansah alone. what then could be the rational behind his action (is it to make some money for his retirement 2017?) when the average salaries of those occupants is less than GHc 600 etc this action by mr. Kpenge is a clear demonstration of highest incompetence because the immediate past Chief Sports Development Officer who has been transferred to Winneba Sports College is still occupying the NSA bungalow and Mr. Kpenge could not eject him but rather poor workers of the Authority who cannot make ends meet. all effort to persuade him to rescind his decision has proved futile has he did not want to listen to anyone. note Sports Authority staff are the least paid organisation if not one of the least paid in the public sector today. Staff are suffering financially and its even worst for those in rented rooms since they take loan to pay for accommodation and are left with nothing at the end of the month.

4 It is also believed that the Director General together with the Chief Estates Manager( Eric Nkansah Dwamena) who is the brother in-law of the NPP Flag Barrier Nana Akuful-Addo are planning to frustrate the lives of staff to influence their voting decision coming 2016. He has claimed on several platforms that he is not a politician but the irony is that the position of Director General is political so what is he doing there in the first place.? Mr. Kpenge only listens to the Chief Estates manager who is destroying and stealing the stadium facilities.

At the moment it is believed that the Sports Authority is indebted to service providers to the tune of about GHc 21,000,000 which include judgement debts. unfortunately mr. Kpenge failed on several occasions to take a lawyer to represent the Authority in court when some service providers took the Authority to court to compel it to pay, hence the judgement debt. further it

4 He has side lined his Deputy Director General Admin who is a known party member of the Government and who was the Municipal Chief Executive at Bwaku during the Mills seems his Deputy is not in agreement with him over looting and sharing so the need to eliminate him from the picture to give way to his whims and caprices.To this end inside source has revealed that Mr. Kpenge has now requested for personal assistant., a secretary General who is believe to be his confidant and also a network of the NPP to assist him in his dubious dealings. sports Authority is in a total mess and therefore the urgent need for a change.

finally the allowances and bonus for athletes and officials for the 2015 All Africa Games in Congo Brazzaville in september,2015 should be seriously looked into.

Please speak for the poor Sports Authority Staffs , we are suffering.

We hope this would go alone way for a better Sports Authority.

Source Fila Sports

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