Ghana is to host a three- week mobile entrepreneurship training from March 15 to provide expert knowledge needed to develop, create and start a successful business in line with modern Information Communication and Technology trend.

“We are currently looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about leveraging mobile phone technology to develop applications that will bring useful service to local communities and create prosperous businesses.

“Successful trainees will be enrolled into an incubator programme that will assist them to develop their ideas into working applications,” Ms Florence Toffa, Project Coordinator for Mobile Web Ghana, a community of Ghanaian mobile entrepreneurs, and people interested in the Mobile Web told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra on Monday.

She explained that the training programme would also provide discussion forums, networking events and links between application developers, mobile network operators and established businesses.

Ms Toffa said technology and business professionals from all over the world would serve as mentors during the training, whilst participants would be selected based two criteria: skills and motivation.

“People applying for the technology track are expected to know web technology, basic proficiency in programming in web-languages, knowledge of databases and mark up as well as basic business skills in book keeping, starting a business, standard business planning, good interpersonal skills and sales skills. “Most importantly and in both cases, applicants are expected to have an understanding of the mobile industry and a strong motivation to develop a mobile service, either its technological aspect or its business aspect,” Ms Toffa stated.

She said Ghana currently has about 19 million active mobile phone users… “This indicates true potential for success for anyone who wants to build relevant mobile applications for all users.”

Ms Toffa explained that mobile technology is growing faster which has opportunity for Ghanaians to learn new technologies, offer services and run a promising business.

“Mobile phones and web technologies offer a great combination for entrepreneurs to make a difference in their community or country.

“If you can think of a mobile application that can solve a problem related to health, education, commerce or even climate change, you’re definitely in business. Our entrepreneurship programme aims to help local talent build applications for local communities,” Ms Toffa stated. GNA



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