The Ministry of Communications through the Ghana Data Protection Commission is pleased to be hosting the 1st Africa Data Protection and Privacy Conference in partnership with the Network of African Data Protection Authorities from June 26th – June 27th, 2019 in Accra, marking an important milestone in the roadmap towards promoting the enactment of Data Protection and Privacy laws in Africa.

Countries across the African Region are at varying stages in their journeys towards enacting Data Protection and Privacy laws and establishing Supervisory Authorities in response to the increased use of technology, the pace of digitization and the exponential growth of activity in the global cyber space.

The Africa Data Protection and Privacy Conference will convene established Authorities in Africa and Global North counterparts for thought leadership, insight, best practice and high-level strategic content, providing a critical platform for promoting Africa’s drive for Data Protection and Privacy laws in Africa.

The Conference will focus on contemporary national and global issues such as the alignment between Privacy and the Right to Information; third party contractors and the safeguarding of national databases; acceptable national identification and challenges specific to the region; the pace of digitisation and the security of personal data; emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and the ethics of processing; enabling financial inclusion and a cashless system through mobile technology; processing for the global good e.g mass immunisation and international cooperation.

The Opening Ceremony will take place on Wednesday 26th June at the Accra International Conference Centre and the following International Stakeholders have confirmed presence:
• The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Rights to Privacy
• The African Union
• East African Community
• Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)
• Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
• Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)
• African Telecommunications Union (ATU)
• Council of Europe (CoE)
• European Commission
• UK Information Commissioner
• Commonwealth Data Protection Commissioners

Confirmed workshops for the Conference are:
(1) Improving Regional enactment of DP law and establishing Authorities – How do we convince African Nations to pass the law and establish independent authorities?’

(2) General Awareness and individual Privacy as a fundamental human right – Considering the diverse cultures and specific challenges such as literacy levels and internet penetration levels, what best practice exist in Data Subject awareness in this region?

(3) Relevance of international conventions – How practical, realistic and applicable are the international conventions to the African Region?

(4) African Data Protection & Privacy in the global cyber space ‘What is the regional status, the global impact and actions required to protect individual privacy in the cyber space?

(5) Data Protection & Privacy and Financial Inclusion in Africa – How do we ensure the continuous protection of personal data and privacy with the increased use of inclusive and mobile Financial Technology in the region?

(6) Technological Advancement, Digitisation and Data Controller Accountability – Research, tools, frame works, innovations and other resources available.

(7) Ethical Approaches and processing for the global good – A focus on the African Region.

(8) Identifying individuals in the Digital Economy – What is an acceptable digital id for the African electorate?

(9) Processing for religious reasons – Should African Churches implement a Privacy Program?

Ghana has taken positive steps within the digital sector and was one of the first four countries in Africa (the second Anglophone country besides Mauritius) to ratify the Malibu Convention on Cyber Security and Data Protection.

Hosting this international conference reaffirms the government’s commitment to securing the privacy of citizens as a fundamental Human Right as Ghana scales up our digitisation efforts as part of the national transformation agenda to position Ghana as the gateway to Africa.
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