President Mahama

I sincerely believe that it is not unfortunate that people aren’t genuine; what is unfortunate is that insincere people try to act sincere and in doing so, mislead and deceive the other.

President Mahama
Majority of Ghanaians are of the opinion that voting NDC back into government in 2016 will be like selling our souls to the mischievous sprite or the devil. If the present economic gauge and economic poverty are anything to go by then; there was need for Ghanaians to vote for a leader who would put people’s interests first.

Definitely, it will be disastrous voting NDC back into government as it will be like selling our souls to the mischievous sprite or the devil.

There is the need to have a close observation of the recent past before leaping. Let us vote for a leader who will situate the concern of our country and Ghanaian people first ahead of self; one who will pull out all the stops to reduce the high cost of living and doing business; one who will have a compelling interest in giving ordinary Ghanaians a wholesome life and the dignity they be worthy of.

There is much evidence available warn us people that the present-day NDC administration had failed to inspire Ghanaians and that there was no hope for the future.

Taking a quick look at what is taking place in our country today, corruption is the order of the day, poverty levels have escalated at an alarming rate, and leaders abusing their authority are slowly but surely becoming normal in government of NDC.

This NDC leadership has fallen short to inspire Ghanaians and if at all they had morals, they could have been resigning one by one. It takes a morally upright leader to admit they have failed. But here in our country, our leaders have no morals; that is why they are too proud and pompous to admit the inevitable.

John Mahama and the NDC must be aware that Ghanaians would not take a softer line on their fight against poor leadership. The President and the NDC should spare us about their propaganda that God appointed Mahama as the President. Any right thinking person knows that the poor leadership was not coming from God but from the devil.

We are where we are as a nation given that for a long time, we have not been taking voting as a very serious duty. It is this deficient of seriousness to vote for quality leaders that has resulted in visionless leaders finding themselves at having a hold-over of our country’s leadership by default.

Of course, leadership comes from God, nevertheless God gives quality leadership. God in His infinite wisdom can’t give us leaders who are corrupt and are only interested in enriching themselves at our expense. The ill-fitting leaders we have can only come from the devil himself; no wonder there is so much poverty in our country in the face of being a religious country.

It is about time we go back and reflect on our predicament as we were all warned not to be flattered by what the NDC was campaigning on. There was need for the electorate to ask God for forgiveness for voting blindly. In view of the fact that we have corrupt and visionless elements as our leaders, this country will never make progress.

Good and quality leaders can only come from God as a gift to his people and God does not add sorrow to His gift. So, this NDC government has brought us nothing but heartache and unhappiness.

We should have paid attention when former President Kufuour warned us about John Mahama and his NDC. The circumstances under which John Mahama took over the presidency should have been reason enough not to trust him and his team with the leadership of our country.

The need to recognize our folly from 2008 to-date must renew our sense of right and wrong. We should plead with God not to hold our recklessness against us for voting without the faculty of our sight.

It is stated in the Good Books that “for lack knowledge my people perish”. We got deceived, and we should rather not be deceived! We should rather be able to see a person for who he or she is and not judge a person for being a non-conformist, but avoid the conformist that carries the burden of acting like a wonderful one!

We should concede that many conformists are idiots and can criticize, complain, and condemn—and this most do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and tolerant.

Source: Nana Akwah


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