Ghana at 60
Ghana at 60

Somewhere in 1957, a country was freed from the hands of the colonial masters, which in actual sense depicts that the country was in her right status to steer her own affairs.

Ghana at 60
Ghana at 60
No more excessive borrowing from the same colonial masters, No more high importation of foreign materials, No more higher rate of unemployed graduates, No more excess of corruption, No more favoritism and Nepotism, No more schools under trees, No more selling of factories or state properties etc.

It is in the light of the abovementioned, that the country was freed from those colonial masters in 1957 and later became a Republican state in 1960.

Now below are few questions that I want to pose to our leaders and see if truly we are managing our own affairs to be called independent state;

* May I know the current DEBT of the our independent state? Are we still borrowing from our colonial masters?

* Are we still importing more foreign materials into our independent state?

* Are we building more factories/Industries OR we are rather selling and collapsing the few existing factories?

* Do we still have SCHOOLS under TREES in this era?

* Do we still have open gutters after 60years of independence?

* May I know the literacy rate as compared to that of the illiteracy in this 60yrs of independence?

* Have we really improved so well in our economic sector? What about our GDP, Agriculture, energy sector and many other important sectors left behind?

In Senior High School, government masters taches that; *”Independence is simply expressed as being freed from outside control or support from other people”.* Thus; the state of depending on oneself for one’s need in governance.

Before I forget, I would like to remind the good people of Ghana that, IMF is still knocking on our doors over excess borrowing. This is the country we call “Independent state”, and I leave it to the many people of Ghana who are living and sleeping on the streets of Accra for survival to be the judges, if its worth enough to jubilate whilst thousands of people cannot afford a-3-square meal a day.

Indeed Ghana is 60 years, but its *” independency”* is what I cannot ascertain. I hereby leave it to the good people of Ghana to judge, based on the above assertions made.

Source: Sammy Adjei/


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