Kobi Rana

Always bringing out new ideas and executing them is one common feature of Famous Actor,Director,Producer and Musician Kobi Rana.This time round he lowered his celebrity status and interacted with his friends and fans at the Trade Fair Centre, La on his birthday which was rather marked in something that is unsual of stars, a ‘Kelewele Party’.

True to his words, it was all Music,Dance,Palm Wine and ‘Kelewele’ as well-wishers thronged the venue to celebrate one more year of life and prosperity.Customarily,’Azonto’ was the order of the day as Kobi Rana took his fans trough series of Azonto lessons.

The Climax came when he fell  victim to ‘ponding’ with Palm wine. He couldn’t help himself but flee the Venue. Socrates Safo (Movie Africa), Prince David Osei (Ghana’s Favorite Actor), Heroes Production Manager, Justice Abadah (Production Director, Faze Modelling Agency),Eli Believer (CEO,Ghana Cypher) and Joachim Kusi  Kapito were some of the industry players who graced the occasion.

Happy ’Kelewele’ Birthday KOBI RANA.

By: Mawuli Pomary


Mawuli Pomary

Mawuli Pomary

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