Ghanaian Actress Leonora Okine Shows Class On Tinsel


Ghanaian actress Leonora Okine is putting up some top notch performances on Mnet series, Tinsel. She has indeed shown she is a great acting talent.

When she joined the series some months ago, there were talks, doubting if she could handle a role, which was played by a different actress for over five years.

But Leonora has proven doubting Thomases wrong, as she is doing very well in the series. Her last performance with popular Nollywood actor, Kalu Ikeagwu has not only placed the actress on a higher pedestal, but also left an indelible impression on the minds of those who watched her.

A number of Mnet audiences who watched the two actors yesterday, on DSTV channel 151 from 11.30 to 1: 30 were amazed at their performances. They performed creditably well. Leonora is playing Angela and Kalu?s character Alhaji Abubakar tried to kill her a year ago.

She stabbed him and thought he was dead, but he returned a year later. Angela got him arrested for the attempted murder. He got his guys to kidnap her dad so in court she lied that he was saving her instead of trying to kill her. He was released and walks free. Then he starts stalking her.

Angela?s ex boss and a detective tell her to get close to him so she can spy on him and put him in jail. The rest of the story continues from today Monday October 15 on channel 151 at 6:30pm. From the look of things one can tell that Alhaji is falling in love and Angela is falling in love, too. The rest of the episodes within this week will help unravel what happens next.

But Leonora and Kalu were amazing. The chemistry between them is definitely more than just screen work. Sources said local Nigerian directors have taken keen interest in Leonora?s performance and she is already on set for some Nollywood Cinema movies.


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