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Ghanaian American PAC Backs Owusu Anane’s Bid for New York State Assembly Seat

Owusu Endorsed
Owusu Endorsed

Owusu Anane, a seasoned educator and entrepreneur of Ghanaian descent, has secured a pivotal endorsement from the Ghana Diaspora Political Action Committee – USA (GHPAC) in his bid for the 109th District Seat in the New York State Assembly.

This endorsement marks a significant milestone as Anane seeks to become the first person of color to represent Albany at the state level.

Key Details:

  • Anane’s campaign platform emphasizes bolstering education funding, supporting local businesses, and enhancing municipal resources across Albany, Guilderland, and New Scotland.
  • With a background rooted in community advocacy and public service, Anane aims to bridge gaps in housing affordability, educational equity, public safety, and economic opportunities throughout the region.

Impact of Endorsement:

  • GHPAC’s endorsement underscores Anane’s dedication to advancing Ghanaian American interests through political engagement and civic action.
  • This endorsement is poised to amplify Anane’s campaign message of inclusivity and proactive leadership within New York State politics.

Anane’s Vision:

  • Beyond legislative priorities, Anane envisions establishing a community hub to support the thriving Ghanaian community in Albany, promoting access to essential resources and fostering cultural cohesion.

Community Contribution:

  • Ghanaian Americans in New York enrich the state’s fabric through entrepreneurial ventures, healthcare professions, community service, and cultural exchanges.
  • Their contributions enhance diversity, economic vitality, and cultural enrichment across New York’s communities.

Owusu Anane’s candidacy represents a pivotal moment for Ghanaian Americans seeking representation and influence in New York State politics. Backed by GHPAC’s endorsement, Anane is poised to bring a fresh perspective and proactive leadership to the 109th District, advocating for policies that reflect community values and aspirations.

This endorsement signifies a growing momentum within the Ghanaian American community to shape political discourse and leadership in New York, highlighting the community’s commitment to civic engagement and inclusive representation.

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